3 Ways BookShark Sets the Stage for Accurate Homeschool History

a complete BookShark program, spread out flat

3 Ways BookShark Sets the Stage for Accurate Homeschool HistoryHistory has been my favorite subject for as long as I can remember. I used to fall asleep every night watching History Channel documentaries when I was in high school, and I still read biographies just for the fun of it. Maybe it’s just because I’m nosy, but I can never get enough history. Fortunately there’s never a lack of it to devour!

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5 Things to Love About BookShark Reading with History

a girl reads The Trojan War

I hated history during school. I was terrible at remembering dates and names. But I'm determined not to pass along this distaste for history to my own children.

I’ve always thought that literature was the best way to help my children understand the past. Over the years I’ve checked out lots of historical fiction and nonfiction historical picture books, but as we’ve added children to our homeschool mix, I don’t have time to curate long lists of holds at the library anymore. Enter BookShark Reading with History.

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Using Project-based Assessment for Reading with History

lap book projects

Using Project-based Assessment for Reading with HistoryAre you trying to figure out how to assess your child’s learning with Bookshark’s Reading with History? When using this wonderful curriculum, you may feel a little unsure when you reach the end of a topic or when you try to document your child’s learning. But don’t despair. There are many creative ways you can document and assess your child’s learning. And the best part? No tests required.

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American History Cram Camp with Lap Books

a girl works on a lap book project

American History Cram Camp with Lap BooksWhat if an opportunity to travel as a family doesn’t align with the studies you are doing at the moment? No problem! As homeschoolers you have the gift of flexibility. And with the right resources, you can go ahead and dig into an area of study so your kids can get the maximum educational benefits of your trip.

That’s exactly what our friends, DeeDee and Ximena of Chips & Salsa Homeschooling did.

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4 Reasons I Ditched Textbooks for Homeschooling History

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Once upon a time, you sat slumped in history class as the film strip droned on. You were implored to memorize the dates and events of World War II. You took notes, strained over their details, crammed for the test and then, if you’re anything like me, forgot almost all of it.

Now, picture this. Your kids sprawl across the carpet and sofa as you begin reading Snow Treasure from Level 7 Reading with History. Immediately, you are all transported to Norway in 1940.

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Explore Australia with These Fascinating Streaming Videos

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Explore Australia with These Fascinating Streaming VideosAustralia is home to some of the most fascinating creatures on earth. Even though it’s the smallest continent on the planet, it’s home to some of the most beautiful vistas and most deadly creatures. If you’re looking for a way to pique curiosity in your animal loving kids and complement your literature-based study of the Land Down Under from BookShark Level 5, check out these excellent streaming videos.

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6 YouTube Videos for Exploring Australia in Your Homeschool

Explore Australia in your homeschool

6 YouTube Videos for Exploring Australia in Your HomeschoolMy boys are fascinated by Australia! (Who isn't, right?) Because we follow a heavily interest-led approach to education, per their request, we have studied this small continent a few times during our years of homeschooling.

By the third time through, I felt we had exhausted our resources! We had already read all the books we could get our hands on including those in BookShark's Eastern Hemisphere Level 5 for ages 10-13, watched (and rewatched) all the movies and films about Australia I could think of, and even tried several authentic Australian foods and recipes.

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Ancient Egypt: Eight Movies to Stream Online

ancient egyptian art

Ancient Egypt: Eight Movies to Stream OnlineStudying ancient Egypt is an exciting adventure for both you and your child, especially when you immerse yourself in the period through the help of great books. BookShark covers Ancient Egypt for several weeks in both Level 1 for ages 6-8 and Level 6 for ages 11-13, so your children are exposed to this fascinating period twice during their elementary and middle school years.

To supplement your reading, there are plenty of excellent movies to help you further visualize the ancient Egyptian culture, history, and geography.

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Experience Ancient Greece with These 7 Videos

a child holds a tablet on his lap

Experience Ancient Greece with These 7 VideosOnce you complete your study of Ancient Egypt and move on to Ancient Greece, this list of video supplements will come in handy. Add a video or two each week to appeal to visual learners and to enrich your study of ancient history with BookShark Level G for ages 11-13. Some videos may also be appropriate for students using our younger World History Program—BookShark Level B for ages 6-8.

Don't worry about matching the videos perfectly with your history readings. It's okay if your children see something in a video first and then read about it a few days or even weeks later.

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Bring Ancient History to Life with Hands-on Projects for Tweens

a tween is dressed as Cleopatra

"History is boring!" has been the cry of kids for generations. Actually, the subject of history is far from boring. Instead, it’s the way history is taught that makes it seem boring.

Too often, history lessons are textbook based where the best parts of history — the interpersonal relationships, the quriky facts, and the complex causes — are simplified into bland summaries of key facts. Students who find history dull and lifeless usually don’t have living books or hands-on activities as a part of their history lessons.

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