Why Homeschooling Is the Best: Kids Go at Their Own Pace

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It seems that parenting and education have become all about reaching milestones and getting grades. This focus on achievement is fine for some families. But if your child does not fit into the typical pattern of success, it’s easy to feel as if there is something wrong with them and that you’re a bad parent.

But you can opt out of this cycle thanks to homeschooling. It's is the perfect way to educate kids who need a bit of extra time or even those who need less time to do something.

Homeschooling is the best because it allows kids to move at their own pace.

Working at Their Own Pace Encourages Delight

If you allow kids to go at their own speed, they can take time with what delights them. We’ve all experienced the joy of learning something we’re really interested in. By foregoing a strict outside-imposed structure on your homeschool, you will be amazed by what your children are capable of doing. And you will be pleasantly surprised by how much genuine learning comes from a child fully engaged in what they’re doing.

Don't worry about state standards or what kids are supposed to know at certain stages. When you let your kids choose the pace, they can savor learning.

Going at Their Own Speed Allows for Mastery

Sometimes kids need extra time to master a new skill or concept. For example, without a strong foundation, math can become increasingly difficult and ultimately traumatic.

Why Homeschooling is the Best: Kids Go at Their Own PaceI know that my kids need extra time to understand math. And they weren’t given this opportunity when they attended public school. As homeschoolers, we moved them back a year to make sure they had space to catch up and feel confident. I have noticed how quickly they’re ploughing through the work now. So by going back, we have actually sped up. And most importantly, math is a subject that they’re actually enjoying! 

When my kids were in public school, they were pushed through a system that had definite outcomes and didn’t leave much space for deviation. But by allowing them to spend some extra time on reading, for example, they have mastered this important skill without any stress. They are now avid readers.

Kids Can Speed Ahead and Avoid Busy Work

As much as homeschool is fantastic for kids who need extra time, it’s just as beneficial for kids who are gifted. Schools typically cannot provide the additional support for kids who don’t naturally fit into their age-assigned grade. But homeschooling is the perfect environment for children to speed ahead.

And another fantastic benefit is that children can work across grades. They might excel at one subject but need extra help in others. (This is called asynchrony when a child's levels don't match across subjects.)

If using traditional grades as a measure, my twins are ahead in English but behind in math. Luckily we have the flexibility to allow them to work at their ability as homeschoolers.

The Family Has Time for Breaks

Sometimes we all need to take a break. The public school system's breaks don't account for your family rhythm or your child's needs. When you homeschool, you can take breaks when motivation and engagement are lacking regardless of the dates on the calendar. I have found that by taking a few days or even a few weeks off throughout the year, we are still actually doing more learning. It’s because the pace is dictated by my kids.

So if you feel that your child doesn’t fit into the system, but you know that they’re capable and have a love of learning, then homeschooling could be just the solution you’re looking for! Allow them to continue a love for learning by going at their own pace, whether slowing down or speeding ahead.  

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