Required Resources Package

This Required Resources package contains every item you need for this grade in one simple bundle. The items are not consumable and can be reused for other grade levels.

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This Required Resources package contains every resource you need for this year in one simple bundle.  The items are not consumable and can be reused for other Levels.

This package includes:

  • 3" binder with custom tabs used to organize your Instructor's Guide
  • Markable Map - 23" x 24" - A laminated map of the world on one side and the USA on the other side to mark on
  • Markers - four color set of wet-erase, fine point markers for use with the Markable Map
  • The Timeline Book - a preprinted timeline in a spiral-bound book - for use throughout your BookShark adventure

What's Included

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Reading with History
Required Resources
D-Ring 3-inch Binder with Tabs (BK50)
Markable Map (MAP1)
Markable Map Markers (MAP2)
The Timeline Book (RR120)
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What are the “Required Resources” and why are they required?

The Required Resources includes a big binder with 36 week tabs for your Instructor’s Guides, The Timeline Book, a reusable Markable Map, and a set of wet-erase markers. These resources will be reused in almost every level of our History program and can be shared by multiple students. You will be given the option to purchase these items every time you buy an All-Subject or Reading with History Package, but you only need to buy it once.

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