Artistic Pursuits: Grades 4-6, Book 1 or 2

Art encourages imagination and improves academic achievement. Each book contains between 32 and 64 hands-on projects and we've assembled an Art Supplies Kit with everything you need for Book 1.

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Your children will jump right in to the creative process with this fun, easy-to-use complete art curriculum. They'll develop foundational art skills and create beautiful works of art in a variety of mediums.

Book 1: Elements of Art and Composition

Learn technical drawing skills while creating original works of art. More than 230 illustrations and 68 projects provide an overview of drawing, the elements of art and composition, as students acquire skills in pencil drawing, scratch art and markers.

Book 2: Color and Composition

For the child who wants to add color to artwork, this book provides the first in-depth look at the color wheel. Students learn to mix colors, gain art appreciation by studying how the American Masters used color, and encounter techniques such as creating washes, hard and soft edges, tinting and shading. Features 68 projects and 218 illustrations.

Art Supplies Kit for Book 1

Includes a deep drawstring backpack plus:

  • two ebony pencils
  • vinyl eraser
  • metal pencil sharpener
  • two black graphic pens (1mm, 2mm)
  • white colored pencil
  • heavy black construction paper
  • sketch pad (9" x 12")
  • and "scratch-art" paper

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