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Reading with History E │Ages 9-12

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Intro to American History,
Year 2 of 2

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*The video above shows the standard default Reading with History E package with the added American History II - Lap Book. You can customize your package to include this item using the Customize tab above.

Experience America's history from the 1850s on!

  • Complete the epic adventure you started in Level D
  • Relax as you enjoy fascinating books; just follow the daily lesson plans
  • Get to know heroes like Abraham Lincoln, William Wilberforce, Eleanor Roosevelt and the Wright brothers!
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Breathe life into your study of history

Reading with History E gives a breathtaking look at America from the Civil War through the year 2000. Walk alongside families whose lives intersect with major events in our history. The Civil War, Westward Expansion, the Industrial Revolution, WWI, the Great Depression, WWII and modern history come to life as characters grapple with the difficulties around them and overcome in the end.

Reading with History E - Includes:

Instructor’s Guide

Includes a 36-Week, 4-Day schedule designed to save one day a week for co-ops, music lessons, sports, field trips or other extra-curricular activities. Includes colorful map answer keys, discussion questions and answers as well as background notes to help you get the most from the time you spend with your child.

History & Geography Intro to American History, Year 2 of 2

Complete the epic adventure you started in BookShark's Level D Intro to American History, Year 1 of 2 and experience America's history from the 1850s on. Get to know heroes like Abraham Lincoln, Eleanor Roosevelt and the Wright brothers.

Find out how Americans' unique perspective--our egalitarianism, our desire for change, and our "can-do" spirit--contributed to inventions such as ready-to-wear clothing, department stores and skyscrapers. Discover why time zones and "fast food" came into existence. Examine how mass immigration, women's suffrage, the labor movement and the Great Depression impacted the social, political, and economic climate of the country. Discuss how racism has influenced life for individuals and the entire nation throughout the years.

Read, grow and learn together. History books, biographies and enriching "extras" add depth to your study this year. Highlights here include:

  • The only biography to win a Newbery Medal
  • A CD with great songs of Americana. These are songs your children should know for the sake of cultural literacy, from "Camptown Races" to "America the Beautiful."
  • Timeline figures to continue your ever-expanding timeline. This tool helps you see exactly how history unfolds
  • An accessible look at World Wars I and II, with plenty of appropriate photographs and detailed maps

Besides the main tour through U.S. history, Reading with History E also includes a side trip south to discover the history and cultures of South America.

The OPTIONAL American History II - Lap Book Kit  can be added to this package under the Customize Tab above and is scheduled in the Instructor's Guide for your convenience.


Make a real connection with your child as you read these books with your kids! Read about real life for Americans through the centuries and ...

  • Meet an all-time favorite heroine: an 11-year-old girl who helps keep peace between Indians and pioneers
  • March through the American Civil War with Jethro. Watch him become a man and begin to understand the issues behind the conflict
  • Join the delightful story of a poor Jewish family in a crowded section of New York City at the turn of the century
  • Hunt buffalo, live in a teepee and ride bareback as you discover what it's like to live as a Crow Indian


Your kids will meet inspiring characters such as Helen Keller, Harriet Tubman and Thomas Edison. A few Readers are for pure fun, but most tie directly to the history content.

Required Resources

A few essential resources make your learning extra rich this year. You'll use The Timeline Book and the Markable Map throughout your BookShark journey.

What's Included

The itemized list below is for the standard (default) version of this package and does not reflect changes made in any option menus above.
History E
Wee Sing America - CD (EH04)
The World Wars (EH05)
The Landmark History of the American People, Volume II (EH12)
Timeline Figures - 4 (EHB1)
History E Instructor's Guide │Ages 9-12 (EHB)
William Wilberforce (EH06)
Read-Alouds E
The Great Turkey Walk (EA02)
Across Five Aprils (EA03)
Caddie Woodlawn (EA05)
Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry (EA06)
Miracles on Maple Hill (EA07)
Little Britches (EA08)
The Great Wheel (EA10)
Moccasin Trail (EA11)
A Letter to Mrs. Roosevelt (EH01)
From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler (EA14)
In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson (ER10)
How to Eat a Poem: A Smorgasbord of Tasty and Delicious Poems for Young Readers (EA23)
Level E Reader
Helen Keller (ER07)
The Perilous Road (ER01)
By the Great Horn Spoon (ER02)
Freedom Train (ER03)
Shades of Gray (ER04)
Turn Homeward, Hannalee (ER05)
Old Yeller (ER06)
All-of-a-Kind Family (ER08)
Thimble Summer (ER09)
Plain Girl (ER11)
Gone Away Lake (ER12)
The Seventeenth Swap (ER13)
The Wright Brothers (ER15)
Sing Down the Moon (ER18)
Hero Over Here (ER19)
The Story of Thomas Alva Edison (ER20)
Lawn Boy (DA14)
Required Resources
Markable Map (MAP1)
D-Ring 3-inch Binder with Tabs (BK50)
Markable Map Markers (MAP2)
The Timeline Book (RR120)
Required Resources
American History: A Visual Encyclopedia (DH21)
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Instructor's Guide, 3-Week Sample

To see samples of all Instructor's Guides click here.

Scope & Sequence




Is BookShark a History or a Reading program?

BookShark is both! We are a literature based program that teaches History through reading and listening. In Levels A-C, the focus of our program is on developing and strengthening reading ability. This is why we offer multiple Reader levels for the early packages. Beginning in Level D, however, the focus shifts from strengthening reading ability to building reading comprehension. From Level D up, we integrate the Reading, Read-Alouds, and Language Arts assignments with the History readings. Instead of learning to read, your children will be reading to learn!

Can I use this package if I didn’t do Part 1?

BookShark’s Level E Reading with History Package introduces the second half of American history beginning with the 1850’s and ending in the modern era. The first half of the program – Level D Intro to American History, part 1 of 2 – is not required for you to use our Level E curriculum, though it does help provide some context. It is up to you if you want to skip it or step back.

If you have any concerns about missing content or the difficulty of the Level E work, please consider starting with Level D. Our Level D package was designed for students age 8-11. If you decide to skip the Level D program, your student(s) will have another chance to cover American history in our Level I History & Literature Package.

Do the Readers integrate with the History reading?

Yes, they do! For Level D and up, all of our Readers were chosen because of how well they represent the topics and times you'll be studying in History readings. The Readers in this package also integrate with Language Arts assignments. This approach gives your student an opportunity to soak up subject matter in three different ways: by listening, by writing, and (of course) by reading!

Can I use this package with both of my children?

Yes, you can! If your children are within three years of age, they can share the same BookShark Reading with History package – including Read-Alouds, history books, the Timeline Book, and Timeline Figures.

Not sure if this is the right fit? Please review the options below to find a package that will work for both of your children:

If there is more than a three year age difference between your children, we recommend that you purchase a separate package for each student.

Can I purchase the History program without the Readers?

We do not offer a History package without Readers because learning through reading is fundamental to our program. If you are certain that you do not want the Readers, you can add the History books and Read-Alouds to your cart individually. Please use the list on the "See All BookShark Products" page as a reference.

Do I need the Children's Encyclopedia of American History?

The Children's Encyclopedia of American History is included in our Level D History program and reused in Level E History. If you purchased our Level D All-Subject Package or Reading with History Package, you do not need to purchase this book again.

What are the “Required Resources” and why are they required?

The Required Resources includes a big binder with 36 week tabs for your Instructor’s Guides, The Timeline Book, a reusable Markable Map, and a set of wet-erase markers. These resources will be reused in almost every level of our History program and can be shared by multiple students. You will be given the option to purchase these items every time you buy an All-Subject or Reading with History Package, but you only need to buy it once.

For more information on BookShark, please see our FAQs page.

Included Instructor's Guides

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