Secular Homeschool Curriculum Packages

Shopping for a secular homeschool curriculum can be challenging. Though the need for secular homeschool curriculum is growing rapidly, it is difficult to find a quality homeschool program that does not advocate for any specific faith.

Even families who homeschool for religious reasons do not necessarily want faith-based curriculum. Reasons include:

  • They want a secular homeschool curriculum because they want to teach religion separately from academics.
  • Their beliefs do not necessarily fit a specific mold or doctrine, and many faith-based homeschool curriculums weave doctrine into the history and science lessons where homeschool families may or may not want it applied.
  • They believe most faith-based curriculums are too biased, making it difficult to learn about other cultures or beliefs.
  • They use state funds for curriculum purposes. There are numerous publicly-funded charter schools that provide free homeschool curriculum. State-funded charter school programs cannot utilize public dollars for religious materials. Families and schools need secular homeschool curriculum, and there are few quality, secular alternatives available.

One of the primary reasons BookShark was developed was to address the secular homeschool curriculum needs of publicly-funded charter schools. But we are finding that our secular homeschooling products have quite a broad appeal.

BookShark does not espouse or oppose any faith. Our Science and History programs do not teach evolution, creationism, or intelligent design theory. So BookShark may be better termed faith-neutral. BookShark leaves the teaching of the origins of life and matters of spirituality to the parents rather than promoting any particular viewpoint in the curriculum. Our faith-neutral curriculum allows families from a variety of backgrounds and beliefs to enjoy a well-planned homeschooling year steeped in living literature, read alouds, and hands-on science activities. 

See for yourself by checking out samples of our Instructor’s Guides. You can also see samples of our homeschool curriculum by clicking on the Samples tab on any of our product detail pages.