What is BookShark Virtual?

BookShark Virtual is an online platform that enables students to access their reading schedules, take assessments, and receive instant auto-grading results.

With BookShark Virtual, parents will effortlessly be able to:

  • track and review student work
  • customize assessments
  • message students directly from a computer or mobile device

How do I purchase a BookShark Virtual course?

You can purchase a course by selecting the option within any package's Customize tab. Just scroll through the tab until you find it, Would you like to add a Virtual Course?

Each Virtual Seat includes 1 student + 1 teacher account. An additional teacher/parent seat may be purchased for $15. Please contact customer service for details. Observer accounts are free.

The All-Subjects package is discounted significantly versus purchasing the online course individually.

If you have already purchased a package since April 1, 2022, or would like to add a student seat to a package, please view purchase instructions at the bottom of this page or click here.

Does BookShark Virtual replace physical books?

BookShark’s physical books will never go away! BookShark is a literature-based curriculum. Utilizing physical books is and always will be key to our program.

How long will students be in front of a screen?

Minimal. Students spend their day reading engaging books, discussing questions with their parents, or working on hands-on projects. Students only log in to view assignments, take assessments, view grades, and message their parent. That’s it.

What BookShark subjects are available?

History, Language Arts, and BookShark’s new Science programs are all integrated into the online program.

You can add BookShark Virtual to any package by selecting the option from the Customization tab.

Are Math programs available?

Yes! Math-U-See is integrated into the online platform. Students can access all lessons, videos, and digital apps. This online option also offers proposed schedules and the ability to upload completed assignments for SingaporeSaxon, and RightStart.

What are the benefits of BookShark Virtual?

Built on the reliable Buzz Learning Management System, BookShark Virtual provides the perfect balance of independent and parent-led study. It provides the support children need as they complete assessments independently and it is easy for parents to check their student’s work from a computer or mobile device.

For Parents and Teachers

For parents, the platform provides lesson plans, automatic and manual grading, and the ability to provide direct feedback to the student.

For Students

BookShark Virtual provides an organized platform for students to select their courses, view their schedules, take assessments, review their grades, and communicate with their teacher. 

How do you use Virtual?

Below are demos to view basic navigation. Advanced navigation tutorials, including ways to customize grading, are available after you purchase a course.

Student Tutorial


Can I try before I buy?

Yes! You can create an account and sample the first week of every BookShark online course.

How do I purchase if I already ordered a package (Since March 30, 2023) or if I want to add a second student to a package?

If you have ordered any BookShark package since March 30, 2023, or want to add a course for a second student, you can purchase a corresponding course by selecting one of these products.

Note: These courses are only available for families who have ordered a package since April 1st or adding an additional student to a package.

Get started with BookShark Virtual now!

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Terms of Use: A person has 6 months from the time they purchase to enroll in their Virtual seat and 12 months from the time they enroll to use their Virtual seat. Returns are possible within 30 days of purchase.  Seat extensions of 12 months only are able to be purchased, please contact customer service.