Our Company & Methodology

Bookshark Logo with Ocean BackgroundFrom the leaders who built the award-winning Sonlight® curriculum, BookShark offers homeschool students a new, challenging and comprehensive academic program.

BookShark is a literature-based homeschool curriculum. Our engaging program offers multiple resources and literature that will challenge your students as they learn from a variety of viewpoints. Your students benefit by building lifelong skills: to think broadly, research widely, and act wisely. In this regard, BookShark curriculum:

  • Builds Listening Skills: Your students will develop listening skills as you read to them. We offer discussion questions throughout our lesson plans to ensure your child is listening and comprehending. Listening empowers your student to build better relationships, and, of course, expand their learning capacity.
  • Builds Vocabulary: You will read aloud with your children from kindergarten through middle school. Every time they stop you to ask, “What does that mean?,” you are building a vocabulary that they will use the rest of their lives.
  • Builds Communication and Critical Thinking Skills: Instead of focusing on names, dates and places (some of which will be shared through the Timeline Book), BookShark utilizes open-ended discussion questions to ensure your child fully understands the content of their studies and is able to articulate their understanding.  Being able to engage in discussion questions at any age (rather than just reciting facts) will improve their ability to communicate with adults as well as their peers.
  • Builds a Love of Reading: BookShark students are exposed to a wide array of many of the best books ever written. From timeless classics to many titles that earned the prestigious Newbery Award, your student will read a shelf full of books each year.


BookShark is a complete program, providing all resources required to homeschool for an entire year.

Completely Planned

BookShark curriculum equips parents to focus on teaching instead of planning.  Our Instructor Guides for Reading with History, Language Arts and Science are comprehensive with weekly schedules and daily lesson plans. Our Science packages include supply kits with all components necessary to complete science experiments. Our Language Arts programs include weekly overviews in addition to daily lesson plans, teacher scripts, and rubrics. We ensure the prep work is done before you start each day.

All Subjects

BookShark offers all subjects through customizable Full Grade Packages with multiple Math options.

Secular Curriculum

BookShark is not a faith-based program.  

Charter Schools and State Funded Options Programs

BookShark is also available through charter schools and accepts purchase orders from public school districts. Contact us to find an approved charter school near you or to register BookShark as an approved vendor for your school district.

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