How To Choose Your BookShark Homeschool Curriculum

Choosing your BookShark homeschool curriculum is an easy process of just three steps and you'll be on you way to your very own BookShark Box Day!

This guide to choosing can also be found inside the BookShark catalog. Request your copy (either digital or print) here. If at any point you need help with choosing a program, we are here! Email or call 1-866-668-0179 for personalized assistance.

All BookShark packages are fully planned for 36 weeks—a full school year.

Step 1

Begin your order by choosing one of these three curriculum options.

All-Subject Packages

Choose an easy-to-order package with everything you need to teach all subjects for one child for a full school year. Use the tabs along the top of the website to see the All-Subject Package for each level. Includes the 20% off package pricing.

Reading with History (History, Read-Alouds, Readers, and Required Resources)
Language Arts*
*Language Arts, Math, Handwriting, and Spelling options may be customized for your student's level.

History Packages

Choose a Reading with History package which includes History, Read-Alouds, Readers, and Required Resources for one child for one year. Easily add the corresponding Language Arts to any Reading with History program for all Levels. Includes the 15% off package pricing.

Individual Subjects

All of our subjects may be purchased individually and are typically scheduled for one school year. Some subjects include the 10% off package pricing.

Step 2

Choose a Level for Reading with History and/or Science

Choosing A Homeschool Curriculum for an Individual Student

Use the chart below to see which levels are appropriate for your child’s age. Then choose a level based on the topics you want to study. If you aren’t sure which topic to choose, we recommend selecting the middle level for your child’s age. For example, if your student is 7 years old, Levels A, B, and C would be fitting. If all of the programs sound equally appealing to you, choose the mid-level—Level B, in this case. Need your student to take an assessment to see what level will suit? See our assessments here.

Choosing A Homeschool Curriculum for Multiple Student

Combine students within a 3-year age range into one level. When choosing a single program for two or more children, we recommend choosing the lowest level suitable for your oldest child.

For example, if you have a 6 and an 8 year old, choose the lowest level suggested for an 8-year-old—Level B.
If you have an 8 and a 10-year-old, you would choose the lowest level suggested for a 10-year-old—Level D.
You do not need to worry about your older student being challenged enough. They will experience impactful and lasting connections between the people, places, and events they learn about through vivid stories and engaging discussion.

Guide to Choosing Homeschool Curriculum PackagesGuide to Choosing Homeschool Curriculum Packages

Step 3

Choose a Subject 


Levels K-4: Readers are included in Reading with History programs. There are five Reader Levels available to use with the three Reading with History Packages A-C. We offer a Quick Reading Assessment on our Resources page here to help you select a Reader level. If you are also using our LA program, we recommend choosing the Level that matches your students ability first, then matching the Reader level, regardless of reading ability. 

Levels D-H: Starting in Level D, students transition from learning to read to reading to learn. The Readers and Language Arts tie directly to the History content (LA is not a stand-alone product at these levels). To take advantage of this
integrated approach, we recommend choosing the Language Arts Level that coordinates with the Reading with History Level. The All-Subject Package automatically coordinates this and is included in the package.

For a reading assessment to help with placement, click here.

For a Language Arts assessment to help with placement, click here.


Choose from our large selection of math programs including Math-U-See, Singapore, Saxon, and RightStart Math. If you need help selecting a math program, we suggest reviewing the Strengths and Weaknesses comparison and the placement tests on our Resources page.



Handwriting Without Tears (HWT) is included in our All-Subject Packages for Levels A-D. You can customize your HWT Level or opt out of Handwriting. Higher levels are available for purchase as individual items if you want your child to continue the practice.


  • Levels K-4: Spelling words are included in the Language Arts guide and are based on the accompanying Readers.
  • Levels D-G: Spelling You See is included in our All-Subject Packages for Levels D-G.

You can customize which level your student needs or opt out if you plan to use another program. If you need help selecting the correct level, see the General Spelling Readiness Guidelines on our Resources page. We also offer All About Spelling, which can be purchased as an individual subject.

If you are teaching multiple students and purchasing an All-Subject Package, we recommend customizing the package to meet one student’s needs and adding additional skill-based subjects for your other student. If your students are Using the same math level, you only need to buy additonal consumables rather than a whole math package. All packages on our website include a Consumables tab so you can see which items you may need to purchase for additional children. All packages include one set of consumables.

For questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call or email. We are here to help! | 1-866-668-0179