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Language Arts

Our curriculum is easy for parents to teach. All of the planning and preparation is done so you can enjoy learning together. We provide 36-week, 4-day schedules designed to save one day a week for sports, field trips or other extracurricular activities.

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BookShark Virtual is an online platform that enables students to access their schedules, view Story Maps, Take Assessments, and receive instant auto-grading results.

"BookShark made it easy for me to buy everything from one website. I chose BookShark mainly because it has a 4-day schedule that is detailed and easy to implement, even for a busy mom. (I have a toddler as well.) We ususally double up on the Science and History each day. This minimizes the switching time for me, and it works!"

-Yhasmin S.

BookShark's 2022 Catalog

Get a print or digital copy of our catalog with our literature-based, 4-day,  homeschool curriculum options, including All-Subject packages, Reading with History, Science, Language Arts, and Math.

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I've been doing the new Jane Goodall unit study as an ease into the school year for my 7th grader. It has prompted some really amazing conversations about animals and habitat conservation. Thank you BookShark! 

-Sarah Southard