Testimonials about BookShark Home Education

“When my son was diagnosed with Dyslexia in 4th grade, we decided to try homeschooling. We wanted to focus on reading, spelling and other academic essentials without the pressure he was experiencing in the classroom. I was nervous about teaching for the first time and marked up my teacher's manual with highlights, underlines and notes. Looking at the huge box of readers that arrived seemed intimidating.

However, what we discovered is that our son loved the historical content in the books provided. In fact, he enjoyed them so much that he completed the majority of his reading for the year within 6 months. This was not because there was a lack of materials, but because my son would become so enthralled in the books he would lose track of time and keep reading. I was able to check his comprehension with the questions included. Sometimes we would answer questions verbally, a very effective way to assess a dyslexic, and sometimes I would have him practice his writing skills by writing out the answers.

With the read alouds he would often beg me to read, "Just one more chapter". We both fell in love with many of the classic books included in the curriculum. In a traditional school setting, he might have read 2 or 3 of the classic books, but with BookShark he was immersed in a larger quantity of quality books.

By the end of the year, our son tested above grade level, his spelling and reading had improved dramatically and we were all very happy with our choice in schooling”

- Cameron C.


“With the easy to use Instructor Guides I can quickly schedule our daily lessons and and incorporate the provided teaching tips - fun for her and easy for me!”

Bookshark readers have exciting stories that keep us anticipating..."what will happen next?!" Our granddaughter Reesa recreated the poster from The Bake Sale.”

- Pamela B.


“Our 10-year-old hated reading before Bookshark!

He has now become a confident reader and enjoys the books offered. The questions from the Instructor’s Guide encourage good discussions, which allows me, as the teacher, to see that they are grasping what they are reading. We also love the fact that American History can be taught to both ages (10 and 12) at the same time with Bookshark.”

- Nancy B.