Homeschool Curriculum Reviews for BookShark

"The decision to homeschool our daughter, Alexa, was an easy one. Choosing a curriculum that worked well with her goals and schedule was a little more difficult.

Alexa aspires to represent the United States on a national scale as an elite gymnast—a goal that takes a lot of hours, dedication, and focus. Using Bookshark has added a great deal of flexibility to our daily schedule. This is our first year using Bookshark and she has already asked that we order Level 4 as soon as she has finished Level 3. She is just over half way through the curriculum and is loving it.

Bookshark's four day week plan has been amazing for our family. It is easy to see what she needs to accomplish, and there isn't an over abundance of work each day. Currently, Alexa is working on the TOPS 38 Radish section for Science, and it has been her favorite part of the curriculum so far. She is loving the fact that she is growing food, in her bedroom, as part of her school work. The charting and graphing are a great tool she will be able to use for future experiments and classes."

- Jenna Henning @bugnbrothers on Instagram


"Thanks to BookShark, yesterday’s teachings went so well. We started reading four different books, and neither one of us wanted to put them down. They all cross over to different subjects and are super engaging. Math was a breeze. I have never seen Taylor this interested in reading and learning. This makes me a happy momma!"

- Carrie Moore

Homeschool Curriculum Reviews

"BookShark made it easy for me to buy everything—including Math—from one website. I chose BookShark mainly because it has a 4-day schedule that is detailed and easy to implement, even for a busy mom. (I have a toddler as well.) We usually double up on the Science and History each day. This minimizes the switching time for me, and it works!"

- Yasmin Shalaby


“Bookshark has been such an amazing blessing for our family. The way the lessons are planned out, it takes so much stress off of me. It’s straightforward, easy to understand, and totally organized. I feel like they’re holding my hand every step of the way.

The fact that it’s Literature-based, makes my bibliophile heart happy. We spend a lot of time cuddled up reading together, and in doing so I’m raising a reader. His curriculum is literally instilling a love of reading in him, and that is worth a million bucks in my book!

With Bookshark’s Language Arts Curriculum, I get to share some of my childhood book favorites with my child. Before we started this school year, I had no idea how much he LOVED science. Now every week he looks forward to the Science experiments from the Science curriculum, and we’ve even been doing ALL of the optional ones as well."

- Stephanie Bishop


“Due to the fantastic Readers and Read-Alouds in BookShark, Kabir’s favorite subject is now history, and he participated in the National History Bee last year, winning second place in the Regional Finals and 12th in the National Finals. I credit his amazing performance to his five years of BookShark History!

We are very grateful for this curriculum, and I have to say it’s so complete we haven’t felt the need to shop around for anything else."

- Shruti Gupta

  sons Kabir and Arjun


“When I saw that my science-minded kiddo needed more structure to his days, I looked for a comprehensive science program. Bookshark was the answer. Perfect for the in-depth exploration we want with the flexibility we need as a busy homeschool family.

I've come to value the open-and-go quality of this package. The literature-based program has it all! Fun activities, experiments, and engaging readings planned for four days per week. No more running to the dollar store in the middle of a lesson because mom forgot to pick up rubber bands!

My favorite part about Bookshark is that we read current, popular titles like Magic School Bus and Usborne books. These fantastic books make reading about science fun. No stuffy textbooks!"

- Ashley Fox, homeschool mom of 3

  Owner of The Homeschool Resource Room


“When my son was diagnosed with Dyslexia in 4th grade, we decided to try homeschooling. We wanted to focus on reading, spelling and other academic essentials without the pressure he was experiencing in the classroom. I was nervous about teaching for the first time and marked up my teacher's manual with highlights, underlines and notes. Looking at the huge box of readers that arrived seemed intimidating.

However, what we discovered is that our son loved the historical content in the books provided. In fact, he enjoyed them so much that he completed the majority of his reading for the year within 6 months. This was not because there was a lack of materials, but because my son would become so enthralled in the books he would lose track of time and keep reading. I was able to check his comprehension with the questions included. Sometimes we would answer questions verbally, a very effective way to assess a dyslexic, and sometimes I would have him practice his writing skills by writing out the answers.

With the read alouds he would often beg me to read, "Just one more chapter". We both fell in love with many of the classic books included in the curriculum. In a traditional school setting, he might have read 2 or 3 of the classic books, but with BookShark he was immersed in a larger quantity of quality books.

By the end of the year, our son tested above grade level, his spelling and reading had improved dramatically and we were all very happy with our choice in schooling."

- Cameron C.


“With the easy to use Instructor Guides I can quickly schedule our daily lessons and and incorporate the provided teaching tips - fun for her and easy for me!”

Bookshark readers have exciting stories that keep us anticipating..."what will happen next?!" Our granddaughter Reesa recreated the poster from The Bake Sale.”

- Pamela B.


“Our 10-year-old hated reading before Bookshark!

He has now become a confident reader and enjoys the books offered. The questions from the Instructor’s Guide encourage good discussions, which allows me, as the teacher, to see that they are grasping what they are reading. We also love the fact that American History can be taught to both ages (10 and 12) at the same time with Bookshark.”

- Nancy B.