What are the benefits of literature-based learning and the BookShark program?

BookShark offers a challenging and comprehensive academic program for students. BookShark does not rely on one source to teach a subject, but instead offers multiple resources, books, and literature that will challenge your students as they wrestle with and learn from a variety of viewpoints. Your student benefits by building lifelong skills: to think broadly, research widely, and act wisely.

Starting with our Level 3 Reading with History program, Intro to American History, your student will enjoy the benefit of interconnected learning. History, Geography, Language Arts, Read-Alouds and Readers are integrated (Language Arts can be purchased separately). For example, in Level 3, your student will meet Paul Revere in a history book, and then encounter him again in a Reader. They will get to know George Washington in a biography, and then see him again through their own imagination as you read aloud Johnny Tremain and Phoebe the Spy. As your children learn and discover in this style, they'll make astonishing connections between the people, places and events in history. This interconnected approach applies to Levels 3 through 100 (except for Level 8).

Why does BookShark offer 4-day schedules?

We intentionally leave day 5 open to accommodate homeschool options programs, co-ops, general enrichment studies or to catch up on days missed due to the numerous variables that may impact study time during a typical homeschool week. BookShark remains a challenging academic program that schedules as many Readers and Read-Alouds in our 4-day program as most literature-based programs schedule in their traditional 5-day programs. Furthermore, you retain full flexibility. You may adhere to the 4-day daily reading assignments, or, if you wish, stretch the assignments out to a fifth day and beyond.

What preparation work is required by the parent?

Very little. We provide detailed lesson plans including a weekly schedule (so you know what to expect at the start of each week) and then follow it with daily lesson plans that detail what to read, work on, and discuss each day. You just open your binder and start teaching.

Why does BookShark list programs by levels?

Our programs are identified by grades on the website because we believe this is the simplest way for a new parent to identify a starting point. However, our programs are designed for and able to be used across age ranges. To that end, our Instructor’s Guide covers are identified by a number (not a grade), with age ranges underneath.

How do I purchase individual titles and Instructor’s Guides?

You can purchase individual titles and Instructor’s Guides by searching for them directly in the search field at the top of our homepage or by clicking the orange See All BookShark Products button on the bottom left corner of every page.

Does BookShark offer free shipping?

Orders over $300 will receive free FedEx Ground shipping within the lower 48 states.

For customers in Alaska and Hawaii.  BookShark offers free media mail shipping on orders over $300. Contact us at for the shipping code.

What do BookShark packages include?

BookShark offers All-Subject Packages that include Reading with History, Language Arts, Science and Math, as well as Handwriting (for levels K through 3) and Spelling. These packages include all the Required Resources necessary to use our program. All-Subject Packages are customizable. You may change Reader levels (in levels K through 2), select the math program of your choice, or opt out of Required Resources that you already own. All-Subject Packages are also significantly discounted. You save 20% when you purchase an All-Subject Package rather than buying the items individually.

Reading with History packages include everything you need to complete our literature-filled History program. You save 15% when you purchase a Reading with History package rather than buying the items individually.

Science packages include everything you need to complete our Science program, including all science kits.

Is BookShark secular?

BookShark does not espouse or oppose any faith. Our Science and History programs do not teach evolution, creationism, or intelligent design theory. So BookShark may be better termed faith-neutral. BookShark leaves the teaching of the origins of life and matters of spirituality to the parents rather than promoting any particular viewpoint in the curriculum. Our faith-neutral curriculum allows families from a variety of backgrounds and beliefs to enjoy a well-planned homeschooling year steeped in living literature, read alouds, and hands-on science activities. 

Does BookShark offer payment plans?

BookShark does not offer payment plans though it is something we may consider in the future.

Does BookShark have a catalog?

Yes, and we are happy to send you one if you give us your address! Please use the catalog request form here or email customer service directly at to request your copy. 

How do I set up my binder once I receive my Instructor Guides?

Follow along as with the video, or read step-by-step instructions on our Instructor's Guide Assembly page.