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BookShark provides curriculum to over 70 public charter schools.  We go out of our way to ensure administrators, teachers and parents understand how to use and order the product.  We have curriculum experts who can provide workshops and we are readily available to present our large range of homeschool products at your school's curriculum fair.

We accept purchase orders via email or fax. Email orders to or fax to (888) 383-5755.  We also have an online ordering system that enables your teachers and/or parents to log into your school account, place orders, then submit for your approval, at which point you can pay with a PO or a credit card.

BookShark’s literature-based homeschool curriculum can be a phenomenal resource for homeschool families in your school district.  Our program is fully planned and includes all the materials necessary to complete 36 weeks of school.  To learn more about our homeschool charter program, please Contact Us today.

Why Schools Use BookShark

BookShark is a popular homeschool curriculum provider that offers literature-based programs for various grade levels. While primarily designed for homeschooling families, schools may consider using BookShark for their curriculum. BookShark is currentlyt used by 153 charter schools around the U.S. Here are reasons why schools should choose BookShark:

1.     Comprehensive and Well-Structured Curriculum: BookShark provides a comprehensive curriculum that includes core subjects like language arts, math, science, history, and more. The curriculum is carefully organized and includes lesson plans, schedules, and all necessary materials, making it convenient for teachers to implement.

2.     Literature-Based Approach: BookShark's curriculum places a strong emphasis on literature and reading. By using quality literature as the backbone of the curriculum, students are exposed to a wide range of literary works, including both classic and contemporary texts. This approach helps foster a love for reading and enhances language skills, critical thinking, and cultural understanding.

 3.     Flexibility and Adaptability: BookShark offers flexibility, allowing schools to adapt the curriculum to their specific needs. Teachers can customize the curriculum by adding or removing components, adjusting the pacing, or incorporating supplementary materials. This flexibility allows schools to cater to the diverse needs of their students and align the curriculum with their educational philosophy.

4.     Streamlined Planning and Preparation: BookShark's curriculum provides detailed lesson plans and materials, which can save teachers valuable time in planning and preparation. The curriculum includes step-by-step instructions, suggested activities, discussion questions, and assessments, reducing the burden on teachers to create their own lesson plans from scratch.

“We loved BookShark this year for my 2nd grader and will continue with him and add my 1st grader as well. The organization is amazing. So thankful!”

—Audrey R., through Baker Web Charter School

5.     Integration of Subjects: BookShark's curriculum integrates different subjects, fostering connections and a holistic understanding of topics. By using literature as a foundation, students can explore historical events, scientific concepts, and cultural aspects within the context of their reading. This interdisciplinary approach promotes critical thinking and enhances students' ability to make connections across disciplines.

6.     System Order Integration:  BookShark allows for flexible ordering solutions for the classroom please see our school contact details at bottom. 3 different screenshots of the process.

7.     Ongoing Support: BookShark offers support and resources to educators using their curriculum.  Educators can reach out to BookShark's customer support team for assistance or clarification. They also provide access to an online platform with additional resources, including teaching guides, answer keys, and online planning tools.

8.     Assessments and Record-Keeping: BookShark's curriculum can assist schools with daily and weekly assessments and maintaining records of progress through their online platform BookShark Virtual. BookShark Virtual provides detailed guidelines and assessments, which can help schools demonstrate student progress and achievement to regulatory bodies or for transitioning students to other educational settings.


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