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Curriculum Updates

Since we at BookShark are constantly working to improve our curriculum, we would love it if you would help us with this process. Whenever you find an error anywhere in our Instructor’s Guides, please check this page for updates.  Report new errors by sending an email to:

Your efforts will greatly help us improve the quality of our products, and we appreciate you taking the time to let us know what you find.

2020 Curriculum Updates

History Guides
  • History D+E

         Landmark History, Vol 1 | Week 4, Day 2 Updated map locations should read: Allegheny River (D10); Monongahela River (D9) (map 1) and Fort Duquesne (present day Pittsburgh) (C7); York, Pennsylvania (H9) (map 2)

Language Arts Guides
  • Language Arts 4

          Section Three - Booklist The book Along Came a Dog should read Escape from Mr. Limoncello’s Library


  • Language Arts D+E

         Week 28 Activity Sheet | Page 98 of the Activity Sheets was left unprinted in some editions.

Science Guides
  • No Updates

2017-2019 Curriculum Updates

History Guides
  • Pre-Kindergarten

         Beginner's World Atlas | Week 4, Day 2 Notes should read "Together find Europe on the world map on pages 14-15" instead of Asia.

  • History K

         A Grain of Rice | Week 19 - New book edition has revised page numbers.

  • History 1

         Adventures in Ancienct Greece and Game On in Ancience Greece are the same book but the title was updated in 2019. Both versions will work with the schedule in the History Guide.

         Hands-on History - World History I - New Yurt Template | Please replace the Yurt template found on page 79 of the Instruction booklet with this page.

  • History 2

         The Usborne Book of World History | Week 27, Day 3 On page 145, the book mentions that St. Petersburg is now called Leningrad, which is no longer true. At the end of the Cold War in 1991, Leningrad was once again renamed back to St. Petersburg and is know as such today.

  • History 3

         Swift Rivers  | Week 33, Day 4 - Schedule Page, should read pp. 72-84. Notes, Week 33, Day 3 & 4, list the incorrect pages numbers. Please refer to the Schedule Page for correct pages. The Vocabulary and To Discuss After You Read are accurate. Notes, Week 36, Day 2 - should read pp. 223-240.

  • History 4

         Lap Book 4 - American History II | This PDF should be used for customers that received the Blue File Folder with different inside folder colors than shown in the instruction book.

         History 4 - Children's Encyclopedia of American History - Schedule for Old Edition | This PDF should be used for customers that ordered History 4 on or after October 21st, 2019 and have the version of the book titled Children's Encyclopedia of American History. If you received the new version American History: A Visual Encyclopedia you should have received the update with your order.

Language Arts Guides
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