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All About Spelling

Each Level includes a Teachers' Manual and a consumable Student Packet.

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SKU: RL800




Please note, each level of All About Spelling builds upon notecards and concepts learned in the earliest levels. Students must begin at Level 1.

All About Spelling brings together the three pathways to learning: hearing, seeing, and touching. This multisensory approach, combined with a built-in review system and reinforcement activities, ensures students retain and apply what they learn.

If you are just beginning to teach your children spelling, want a program that appeals to a variety of learning styles, or if your children need remedial help, this customizable program could be an excellent fit. Step-by-step lessons (mastery-based, not grade-level based) build on one another in a sequence that has been carefully tested to produce long-term results.

The Basic Interactive Kit is required for each level and only needs to be purchased one time. Some families may also wish to purchase the Spelling Review Box for further organization.

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