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All About Spelling Level 7 Student Packet

Additional student material packet for Level 6. One Student Material Packet is included with each purchase of All About Spelling Level Five.


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One Student Material Packet is included with each purchase of All About Spelling Level 7. Additional Student Material Packets can be purchased individually.

Each Student Packet includes:

  • One set of Word Cards. These flashcards help your student learn and review and master spelling words. Flashcards are printed on sturdy cardstock. They are perforated, so no cutting is required.

  • A Syllable Division Rules Chart that helps your student recognize, internalize, and apply the rules for dividing words.

  • Word Banks that reinforce certain spelling concepts and improve your student’s visual memory of words with a particular sound.

  • The Writing Station activity, featuring Story Starter cards that provide creative options for students.

  • Word Trees that effectively teach Latin roots in an innovative way.

  • Suffix tiles, Latin root tiles, and Greek word part tiles for hands-on learning. Magnets are also included for convenience.

  • Additional materials such as divider cards, practice sheets, the Spelling Strategies Chart and Homophones List.

  • A progress chart and completion certificate that allow you to track and celebrate your student’s success.

The Level 7 Student Packet must be used in conjunction with the Level 7 Teacher's Manual.

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