Are You Sick or Well?

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Feeling under the weather? Are you experiencing aches and fatigue, or are you full of vitality and clarity? Discover the secrets behind our health and well-being with Am I Sick or Well? This engaging book combines easy-to-follow instructions with captivating illustrations, helping children understand:

  • What causes body pain?
  • The role of germs and our body's defense mechanisms.
  • How illnesses spread.
  • The purpose of medicines prescribed by doctors.
  • Understanding allergies and their impact on health.
  • The science behind wound healing.
  • Tips for maintaining good health.

From explaining antibodies to exploring disease transmission, this book simplifies complex concepts surrounding microbiology and empowers young readers to take charge of their health.

The decision to homeschool our daughter, Alexa, was an easy one. Choosing a curriculum that worked well with her goals and schedule was a little more difficult.

Jenna Henning