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Backorder Shipping Policy

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Sku Title Expected Arrival Week*
Level A
B-AH04 Usborne Internet-Linked Children's Encyclopedia 5/31/24 1
Level B
B-AS16 Am I Sick Or Well? 5/22/24 1
B-1SK Discover & Do: Science B Supplies Kit 5/31/24 1
Level C
B-2SB Science C Instructor Guides 5/31/24 1
B-2SB1 Extra Science C Activity Sheets 5/31/24 1
B-2SK Science C Experiment Kit 5/31/24 1
Level D
B-DH21 American History: a Visual Encyclopedia 6/17/24 1
B-3Sk Science D Experiment Kit 5/31/24 1
B-3SB Science D Instructor's Guide 5/31/24 1
B-3SB1 Extra Science D Activity Sheets 5/31/24 1
B-3SBB BookShark Science D Experiments Book 5/17/24 1
B-DSKP Extra Science D Experiments Paper Packet 5/17/24 1
Level F
B-FS13 Complete Book of the Human Body 8/2/24 1
B-FA57 Journey to Jo'burg 5/18/24 1
Level G
B-GS12 All in a Drop: How Antony van Leeuwenhoek Discovered an Invisible World 8/2/24 1
B-RM20 Singapore Math Manipulatives 4/26/24 1
B-RM25 Singapore Math Manipulatives 4/26/24 1

Level D B-CS01 Weather 10/06/23 28 B-RL209 American Spirit Instructor's Handbook 09/22/23 1 B-RL211 Ancient Achievement Instructor's Handbook 09/22/23 1 Spelling You See

Math You See B-170-15 Algebra 1 Instruction Pack 09/20/23 1 B-170-16 Algebra 1 Student Workbook/Tests 09/20/23 1 B-7M15 Pre-Algebra Instruction Pack 09/22/23 1