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You may order any of the items listed now. We plan to ship these items starting on their "Expected Availability" date. We update these charts once every business day. Please check back if the status of your backordered items is not yet displayed. Please note that we only collect payment for items at the time of shipment, so once we receive the backordered items in our warehouse, you will see a second charge on your account for the items that were not shipped at the time of your original order.

Backorder Shipping Policy

If your backordered items are scheduled within the first 3 weeks of your curriculum, we will ship them out as soon as we receive them. If you have multiple other items on backorder we will ship them when all of the items have arrived in house.

If your Instructor's Guide is backordered you can view the first 3-weeks of all our Instructor's Guide by visiting this page Instructor's Guides - First 3 Weeks.

*The Week listed is the first week of the year the item is used.

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Sku Title Expected Arrival Week*
Level D
B-DH07 The Bill of Rights 10/31/22 23
Level H
B-HR07 Angel on the Square 9/30/22 22