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Biology Science Curriculum by Home Science Tools


Biology Science Curriculum by Home Science Tools

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Biology Science Curriculum for High School

This curiosity-building homeschool biology curriculum bundle of nine Launch-level Science Unlocked kits will engage your student in hands-on learning for an entire school year. This full-year science curriculum includes:

·        Full-colored student workbook

·        Student assessments

·        Supplies and equipment needed for experiments

·        Real-world application

No prior teaching or science experience is needed! Teachers and parents, you will be well-equipped. Science Unlocked homeschool biology curriculum's detailed teacher guides will help guide you through assisting with hands-on high school biology curriculum learning experiences with:

o   Context and answers to student questions

o   Options for including children of different ages and abilities

o   Step-by-step experiment instructions

o   Lesson planning timeline

The Biology Launch (Grades 8-12) Science Unlocked homeschool biology curriculum bundle includes the following kits:

Unit 1: Adaptations & Ecosystems (3 Kits)

Ancient Organisms

Understand the Past to Understand the Present

Design and carry out investigations to discover the intricacies of fossils and how they are used to understand ancient and modern organisms.

Game of Survival

Populations Under Pressure

Play the survival game to learn about natural selection and explore examples from each class of animals.

Unintended Consequences

Effectiveness of Ecosystem Services

Test impacts of compaction on cliff plants, simulate ecosystem services of mangroves, and study invasive and non-native species in your community.

Unit 2: Biochemical Processes (3 Kits)

Breathing Without Air

Flow of Energy and Matter in Respiration

Learn how energy and matter cycle through organisms and ecosystems during respiration, with and without oxygen.

Revenge of the Synth

The Biochemistry of Photosynthesis

Connect biological structures to the chemical processes of photosynthesis and uncover unusual organisms that photosynthesize.

Chasing Equilibrium

Osmosis and Diffusion

Conduct a series of hands-on activities to learn the details of the mechanisms that keep your body regulated.

Unit 3: DNA & Genetics (3 Kits)

Cats and Chromosomes

The Genetic Basis of Unique Traits

Explore how genetics impact growth of organisms by working through Punnett squares, pedigrees of cats and ethical implications.

Crack the Code

Solving Medical Mysteries

A mystery can be solved with the right tools. Become immersed in genetics and DNA to solve a disease mystery.

Flashy Feathers

Biological Populations Changing Over Time

Play a game, investigate seeds, grow plants, and raise an ant farm to discover the intricacies of heritable traits.


The decision to homeschool our daughter, Alexa, was an easy one. Choosing a curriculum that worked well with her goals and schedule was a little more difficult.

Jenna Henning