How BookShark Language Arts Works: A Natural Approach to Skillful Communication

Communicator: a person who is able to convey or exchange information, news, or ideas, especially one who is eloquent or skilled.

Thanks to the Internet, we live in a time where everyone can express their thoughts and feelings in an instant. Yet it seems people struggle to actually communicate.

Communication requires skills that go beyond simply sharing opinions. Unfortunately, many in our world tend to talk at other people instead of to or with them.

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10 Sanity-saving Activities with Stuff You Already Have on Hand

10 Sanity-saving Activities with Stuff You Already Have on HandOne of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned as a teacher and a homeschooler is to have spur-of-the-moment activities in my mental back pocket when plans change, co-op classes get canceled, we're having a bad day, or a sunny day activity is ruined by rain.

When our best-laid plans are derailed, these sanity-savers come to the rescue! We all need a handful of fun, engaging activities that don’t require a trip to the store or a lot of prep. Here are some of my favorites of save-the-day (and your sanity) activities using stuff you probably already have on hand!

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4 Simple Ways to Practice Spelling Words

Spelling can be either a child’s favorite subject or a child’s least favorite subject. While some kids enjoy practicing spelling words and writing spelling lists, others may dread these exercises and feel that spelling is boring.

While learning to spell correctly is an important part of an elementary language arts curriculum, doing so doesn’t have to feel monotonous. There are plenty of fun and simple ways to practice spelling. Here are a few that may even get reluctant spellers interested!

1. Play Letter Jumble

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How to Crush Math Fears Before They Take Root

Although figuring the appropriate tip amount for my waiter still gives me a tinge of stress, I fortunately didn’t pass my math anxiety to my sons. Today, two of my homeschool graduates find math stimulating and even rewarding. Understanding how to crush homeschool math fears in the early years made all the difference in not passing on my math phobia and ensuring my sons are proficient with the subject.

A Foundation for Homeschooling Math

Digging deep to understand the foundation of math helped me teach it in a creative way. I wanted my sons to explore the world of numbers and patterns in a fun, non-intimidating way.

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How to Empower Kids to Take Charge of Their Learning

If empowering kids to take charge of their learning were an easy to follow formula, then we all would be able to effortlessly raise successful and happy kids. But it’s not. The first time my oldest son marched out of the school room, refusing to complete my meticulously planned art lesson, I overreacted. An all-out battle of wills ensued.

As homeschooling parents, it’s hard for us to give up control. But not only do we want our kids motivated to learn, we also want them to be able to get along without us. We have to slowly relinquish control to raise self-sufficient adults.

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