How to Find Secular Homeschool Curriculum

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Choosing the right curriculum can be difficult because there are so many ways to meet the needs of our kids: online subscriptions, co-ops, boxed curriculum, workbooks, interest-led discovery, etc. If you know you want a secular curriculum, however, you can pare down the possibilities by filtering all of your options through that lens.

You probably already know that finding secular curriculum is challenging. Here's why.

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How to Extend Your Family Culture of Reading Through Winter Break

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The temperatures are beginning to drop. Autumn is well and truly here which means winter is not far behind. I look forward to the first snowflake, the first icicle, and that muffled silence that falls over everything after a heavy snow. But then just as quickly as it all arrived, I am ready for warmth and sun again. Yet my kiddos could spend all day in the great outdoors of winter, provided there is plenty of hot cocoa and a cozy Read-Aloud by the fire afterwards. Reading is part of our family culture. It brings joy and happiness to both children and adults alike in my home.

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Six Simple Ways to Savor Nature Walks

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When you take a nature walk, you’re purposely slowing down, getting quiet, and taking time to look closely at whatever you see around you in nature. Besides looking, you are using your other senses to feel, smell, and hear what nature offers you. 

You can keep it simple by taking a walk around your neighborhood or heading to a local park to explore. If you’re feeling adventurous, go on a trip to a state park, nature preserve, or botanical garden. The more land you cover, the wider variety of things you’ll observe.  

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3 Reasons Your Homeschool Is Absolutely Perfect

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It’s fun to see how other homeschoolers do things, right? Day-in-the-life blog posts can be useful when looking for ideas or because you have an interest in how others live life as homeschooling families. But sometimes seeing how other homeschoolers approach their day can make us second guess the awesomeness of our own set-up. Sometimes checking in on what another homeschooler is doing can make us feel as though our own homeschooling life isn’t quite up to par.

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A Trick to Motivate Yourself Out of a Homeschool Morning Slump

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I used to wake up hours before my kids. Yes, I'm serious. It was amazing!

I had time to plan our day, to write, to read, and to exercise. 

All that time made me a better homeschool mom.

Most days, I was on top of my game. We got stuff done. And then winter hit — it got cold and gray. Winter makes me tired.

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Decluttering Your Homeschool at the Mid-Year Mark

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Decluttering Your Homeschool at the Mid-Year MarkI'm standing in the middle of our homeschool closet staring at the accumulation of papers, art supplies, textbooks, pages ripped from workbooks, scraps of paper from unfinished craft projects, books with sticky covers from that time we did school during lunch, and what looks like a piece of dried-up orange peel. The school shelves are warped in the center from the weight of too much stuff. Manipulatives are intermixed, and I cannot find one single sharpened pencil. Can you relate? This time of year, when the semester is almost over and the newness has worn off of school, our homeschool closet looks like a tornado hit it. Nothing is organized and it starts to show in our homeschool routine.

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The 4-Step Nightly Routine of a Homeschool Mom

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Having a good homeschooling routine can be the difference between a long-running homeschool journey and one that stops before it begins. But there’s more to developing a trusty homeschool schedule than a daily lesson plan.

A good nightly routine for a homeschool mom is also a critical aspect of cultivating a happy homeschooling life. In fact, creating a nightly routine can set up the next day’s schedule for success. Here are a few things to include your nightly routine as a homeschool mom.

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Two Ways to Prevent Ragged, Work at Home, Homeschool Mom Syndrome

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Looking at my calendar, I immediately felt overwhelmed. Where was the white space? Where was the down time? There was no margin and certainly no room for personal me time.

We had something to do everyday for weeks. I was exhausted, and the week hadn’t even started yet. I knew at that point something had to give.

Have you been there — where you feel all you do is run between your obligations as a working mom and a homeschool mom? Can I tell you a secret? You don't have to constantly feel ragged! The solution to an over-packed schedule is to say no so you can say yes to what really matters.

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Using a Book-Based Curriculum for Kids with ADHD

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Using a Book-Based Curriculum for Kids with ADHD

If you have children with ADHD, reading may not be their strong suit. Or if you’re fortunate enough to have an ADHD child who is a bookworm, that child might struggle to recall information or answer questions about the work afterward. For active kids, sitting down and reading can pose a challenge. With a few tweaks, though, a book-based curriculum can be perfect for ADHD kids.

Some of the suggestions for teaching kids with ADHD include using video games, computer software, and active play as outlets for their mental and physical energy. As a result, parents might wonder about the value of using a book-based curriculum for children who have ADHD.

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