How BookShark Science Makes My Daughter a Stronger Reader

How BookShark Science Makes My Daughter a Stronger ReaderMy daughter grabs her BookShark binder and the Science book she’s currently reading. I grab my Instructor’s Guide and tell her which pages and questions we’ll be doing. She flips to the pages we’ll be reading today; immediately her questions and comments begin flowing.

Beautifully illustrated or photographed, all of the books capture her attention. “Let’s read and find out more,” I say. She doesn’t hesitate and either hands the book my way or begins to read herself. We take turns reading to each other.

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10 Captivating Netflix Shows for Elementary Science

We all have days where we need a break or something extra to cope with a bad day. Netflix is the perfect resource for finding those little extras. And since there are so many educational shows on Netflix, you don’t even have to feel guilty about regularly relying on these videos.

My kids thinking watching Netflix is a treat and they hardly even realize they are learning.

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Help! Our Science Experiment Failed

a girl makes green slime

Help! Our Science Experiment FailedToday is science experiment day. You’ve collected all of the necessary supplies, you have instructions, and your kids are excited! This experiment is going to be so much fun, you think, patting yourself on the back.

Hands-on science for the win!

Or not, because something goes wrong: The seeds don’t sprout. The seeds mold or die before your kids take measurements.

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New NGSS Standards-based BookShark Science: Why the Change?

a 4th grader works on a science experiment

The new 2021 BookShark Science was designed with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) in mind. But why would a homeschool curriculum care about outside standards at all?

Isn’t the BookShark way of reading great books and doing hands-on exploration enough when it comes to learning science? Yes!

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Why a Spiral Approach Works for Teaching Science

a parent and child peer out a window alongside a spiral staircase

Why a Spiral Approach Works for Teaching ScienceAs a child, you probably found yourself twisting the spiral that bound your notebook together, watching it circle through the holes down the side of the paper. It looped through a hole then through the next, over and over again all the way up the page. The spiral is a bit mesmerizing to both the eye and the touch. In education, we use the analogy of a spiral to describe a type of teaching.

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How to Handle One Science Experiment with Multiple Children

one girl looks through a microscope while another girl stands nearby, waiting

How to Handle One Science Experiment with Multiple ChildrenI’m currently homeschooling a middle schooler, an upper elementary student, an emergent reader, and a preschooler. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my seven years of homeschooling, it’s that they all love hands-on activities, especially experiments.

While I appreciate their zeal, it can be daunting to juggle their enthusiasm and mixed abilities.

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Homeschool Science for Multiple Children: How I Failed But Finally Won

four children peer at a science book

Homeschool Science for Multiple Children: How I Failed But Finally WonWith seven years of homeschooling I’ve racked up more than a few successes and failures, but nothing has been so black and white as our science journey. I’m sorry we wasted so much time but grateful we’ve finally found our perfect science fit. Here are six tips that would have gotten us learning and loving science much sooner.

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A How-to Guide for Winning with BookShark Science Curriculum

a child's hands work with a tiny lightbulb and battery

A How-to Guide for Winning with BookShark Science CurriculumYoung children are filled with questions about how things wor,k and science provides many opportunities for them to explore these questions. This natural curiosity easily leads to a love of science and hands-on activities.

Some parents, however, don’t look forward to the very activities that draw kids into this subject. The hassle of gathering supplies and cleaning up the mess are common reasons for skipping science experiments.

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Easy Ways to Include Nature in Your Homeschool Routine

two kids stoop on the ground, looking at a beetle

Easy Ways to Include Nature in Your Homeschool RoutineExploring nature is a wonderful addition to your homeschool routine. However, it can get a bit overwhelming if this in new territory for you. There are so many wonderful resources available that it’s often difficult to know where to start.

I love to follow a child-led approach to exploring nature. It’s easy to make nature study look like school, but it’s more important to just get out there to observe and explore without an agenda.

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