Experience Ancient Greece with These 7 Videos

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Once you complete your study of Ancient Egypt and move on to Ancient Greece, this list of video supplements will come in handy. Add a video or two each week to appeal to visual learners and to enrich your study of ancient history with BookShark Level G for ages 11-13. Some videos may also be appropriate for students using our younger World History Program—BookShark Level B for ages 6-8.

Don't worry about matching the videos perfectly with your history readings. It's okay if your children see something in a video first and then read about it a few days or even weeks later. Know that you are providing a rich scaffold of information that your children can use to grasp the culture, historical import, and geography of Ancient Greece.

Ancient Greece Streaming on Amazon

1. Timeline of Ancient Civilizations

Season One has 14 episodes; Ancient Greece is covered in two:

  • Episode 3: Greek Part 1 - Neolithic Period to Archaic Period
  • Episode 4: Greek Part 2 - Rise of Athens to Modern Greece

Each episode is approximately 17 minutes and is quite comprehensive. For instance, episode 3 gives geographical information about Greece and images of the island itself. It also gives the history of the country from 6500 BCE to The Minoans and on to the Mycenaeans and the Dorians. Famous events and literature such as The Trojan War, The Illiad, and the first Olympics are covered.

2. Greece: Garden of the Gods

This is a G rated nature documentary, but it also mentions how the Greeks may have created their mythology based on what they saw in their natural environment. The scenery in this documentary is beautiful. At 52 minutes, this documentary will help your child learn more about Greece and what a breathtaking country it is.

3. Ancient Greece

New Dimension Media offers many videos about different countries and historical periods. Ancient Greece is 24 minutes long and shows many sites of interest when studying Ancient Greece including the Temple of Zeus, Delphi’s Temple of Apollo, and Agamemnon’s Mycenae.

Experience Ancient Greece with These 7 Videos on Amazon and YouTube4. 7 Days – Greece

This is more like a tourism documentary, but contrasting the ancient with the current can be enlightening. Once again, the scenery is gorgeous, and shows many ancient ruins.

Ancient Greece Streaming on YouTube

5. Ancient Greek Facts in 1 Minute

This video is approximately two minutes long and, against the backdrop of Greek sites, has captioning that gives basic Greek facts. This one is worthwhile for older kids because it’s quick and packs a fair amount of information.

6. Horrible Histories: The Groovy Greeks

This cartoon presents history in an irreverent tone that can be huge fun for kids. Do prescreen videos from this series as some families may be offended by the crude way the information is presented.

7. The Olympic Games Story for Kids

At approximately 7 minutes, this video gives information on both the Olympic Games and daily life in Greece. The majority of it is done in cartoon drawing. The way it is presented will appeal to both older and younger students.

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