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BookShark Homeschool Curriculum

You chose to homeschool so you can have the family life you imagine—full of good books, interesting discussions, laughter, and inside jokes. You want a flexible lifestyle that lets you sleep to a reasonable hour, sneak in some me-time, and still have energy to get the kids to their clubs, rehearsals, and co-ops. 

BookShark’s 4-day, literature-rich curriculum allows for this lifestyle while giving your kids a top-notch education so they can accomplish their dreams. 

Use it as scheduled in the 36-week Instructor’s Guide, or do your own thing and skip around, enjoying the books and hands-on Science activities whenever and however you like! Learn more: download samples or request a catalog.

Simple Ways Dads Can Stay Involved in Homeschooling

Simple Ways Dads Can Stay Involved in Homeschooling

When families begin homeschooling, it seems natural for moms to step in and do the bulk of the teaching, organizing, and planning. As the primary or sole wage earner for the family, dads are considered the principal of the homeschool. However, this situation also puts dads at a disadvantage. They come home at the end of the workday and don’t know what went on or how the children are performing in school.

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How to Motivate Your Kids to Read Without Prizes

a boy sits on floor in front of a bookshelf

How to Motivate Your Kids to Read Without PrizesParents have been trying to bribe their kids to read more often for ages. Reading is often seen as a sign of intelligence, but more so, reading expands our horizons. In addition, we are told as parents that our kids should be reading a certain amount every day. And so the pressure is on to entice our kids to read or force them to read.

But we don’t merely want our kids to read, we want them to love reading. We want them to love reading like we love reading. So how do we share our passion for reading with them?

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How to Build Empathy by Reading to Your Kids

a mom and daughter sit on the floor by books

We read together as a family every night. Sometimes we get so caught up in making it through the book that we never pause to discuss what we're reading. I recently ran across this article about how adding 30 seconds to your bedtime reading can foster empathy, and I had to try it.

The next night while reading, the main character of our story had just secured his family in a cellar vault, and he was turning around for one last great stand against the impending enemies. I paused and looked up to see how long it would take my doodling listeners to realize that I wasn't continuing.

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10 Big Fat Homeschool Fears (& How to Conquer Them)

Ask any veteran homeschool mom whose kids have already graduated from high school, and she will reassure you. She had the same fears you have now. She realizes now how pointless most of those fears were.

What a difference 10-15 years of hindsight makes! But you don't have to wait that long. Let's look right now at ten of the biggest and most common homeschool fears so you can face—and more importantly, conquer—them.

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25 Ways to Use a Markable Map for Homeschool Geography

two Vis-a-Vis pens sit on a Markable Map

We all suffer from information overload at times. When there is too much detail or too much to digest, we tend to shut down and not assimilate any of it in a meaningful way.

The same is true for students. Some learning tools are overwhelming. For example, traditional maps and atlases that have hundreds of labels can be hard to digest. There’s just so much information, students may not know what to zero in on and consequently remember little of what they see.

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Explore Africa Through Streaming Video

an african scene of people biking and carrying goods

Exploring countries and cultures has been one of my favorite ways to learn with my kids about the world we live in. While we take trips as often as we can to experience first-hand the wonders of the world, there are other places that are out of reach for an educational adventure—Africa, for example.This massive continent has a profound diversity of culture and depth of history that come to life when we combine our history and geography curriculum with online video resources.

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Experience Ancient Greece with These Hands-on Homeschool Activities

ancient Greek ruins

One of the allures of BookShark is rather than teaching history to your children from a dry, boring history book, your children learn about history through literature. Instead of merely learning the facts about Ancient Greek culture and events, your children learn through characters (both fictional and historical) in an engaging narrative.

You can bring that knowledge to life even further by supplementing BookShark’s curriculum with hands-on learning experiences and culinary delights.

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Box Day Sets the Tone for an Exciting New Year of Homeschool

two BookShark boxes stacked

Box Day is one of the most exciting days of the year for homeschool families. It’s the day that the Fed Ex truck stops in front of a house to deliver that huge box of homeschool curriculum: thick BookShark binders filled with Instructor’s Guides, stacks and stacks of historical fiction, non-fiction, and biographies, science kits with a whole year’s worth of materials for hands-on experiments, math curriculum and manipulatives, readers and a language arts program.

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75 Ways to Love Physical Education as Homeschoolers

a boy climbs on playground equipment

When we first began homeschooling, I never thought about adding PE to our schedule. I knew my boys were active on their own without any coaxing. I figured that as long as we kept moving, we’d be developing motor skills. I didn't see a need to add a formal Physical Education course to our routine.

Lately, I have been more intentional about adding physical activity into our days, and I do that using a wide range of activities like the seventy-five options below.

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50 Ideas for Volunteering as a Homeschool Family

an adult and two young children pick up trash

50 Ideas for Volunteering as a Homeschool FamilyIt’s easy to get wrapped up in the academics of homeschooling. From planning history lessons to grading math tests, educational pursuits can quickly fill up every square inch of brain space. However, in order for our children’s education to be balanced, they need time outside of the home. If they can consider the needs of others in those activities, all the better!

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