A photo of Melissa Thierfelder

Melissa Thierfelder

Melissa Thierfelder is a former early childhood teacher who lives in Wisconsin with her husband and three children. 

If she’s not actively homeschooling her three kids, Melissa is running her kids to activities, baking for the local farmer’s market, working in her garden, or reading. Melissa loves a good historical fiction book; her current favorite is the Outlander series. Melissa and her husband take a secular approach to homeschooling their three children.

Melissa also has a homeschooling YouTube channel, The M Word by Melissa, that focuses on homeschool encouragement, curriculum flip-throughs, and all the fun of homeschooling. 

Homeschooling with Toddlers

Homeschooling with Toddlers

titleFor a long time, I felt like I was struggling. We would barely get any schooling completed because of all the distractions and tasks that come with having a 3-year-old and a 1-year-old.

I don’t have a magic fix, but I did discover a key: I am homeschooling my toddlers just as much as I’m homeschooling my second grader. 

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