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Selena Robinson

Selena is a homeschooling graduate and a veteran homeschooling mother of four, including three with ADHD. She and her husband, Jay, use an eclectic homeschooling approach to encourage their children to learn throughout their lives. Selena blogs about her family's homeschooling adventures every week atLook! We're Learning!

4 Simple Ways to Practice Spelling Words

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Spelling can be either a child’s favorite subject or a child’s least favorite subject. While some kids enjoy practicing spelling words and writing spelling lists, others may dread these exercises and feel that spelling is boring.

While learning to spell correctly is an important part of an elementary language arts curriculum, doing so doesn’t have to feel monotonous. There are plenty of fun and simple ways to practice spelling. Here are a few that may even get reluctant spellers interested!

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How to Turn Homeschool Mistakes into Victories

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When parents first start homeschooling, they may be terrified of making a serious homeschool mistake. Struck by fear, they ask a myriad of questions: What if I choose the wrong curriculum? What if our schedule doesn’t work? What if we get behind? What if I don’t know how to teach my children? What if my kids turn out weird?

The good news is that all homeschooling parents make these kinds of mistakes without derailing the entire homeschool journey. In fact, depending on how parents respond, many of these homeschool mistakes can actually become homeschool victories. Here’s how to learn from common homeschooling missteps and turn your failures into wins.

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The 4-Step Nightly Routine of a Homeschool Mom

a mom sits akimbo with a laptop in her lap, her back against a tufted headboard and a glowing lamp on a bedside table

Having a good homeschooling routine can be the difference between a long-running homeschool journey and one that stops before it begins. But there’s more to developing a trusty homeschool schedule than a daily lesson plan.

A good nightly routine for a homeschool mom is also a critical aspect of cultivating a happy homeschooling life. In fact, creating a nightly routine can set up the next day’s schedule for success. Here are a few things to include your nightly routine as a homeschool mom.

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When Mom Has ADHD: Tips for Parenting and Homeschooling

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When Mom Has ADHD: Tips for Parenting and HomeschoolingParenting a child with ADHD is difficult. For a mom with ADHD, though, it can feel nearly overwhelming. There are the typical symptoms of ADHD, which often pose a challenge to a person’s ability to think clearly on demand.

But, since parents with ADHD are more likely to have children who also have the disorder, these moms may struggle to manage both their own symptoms and those of their child.

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The Lowdown on Independent Learning for Homeschooled Kids

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The Lowdown on Independent Learning for Homeschooled Kids

As homeschoolers, the idea of having children who can complete school lessons, projects, and assignments on their own can be enticing. Mom, who usually bears the burden of the homeschool planning and teaching, gets a break, and children take responsibility for their own education. Sounds like a win for both parties, right? Yes, but let's delve into this idea of independent learning more deeply.

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What to Do If You Suspect Your Child Has ADHD

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What to Do If You Suspect Your Child Has ADHDAttention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a neurological condition marked by persistent and continuous issues relating to attention span, hyperactivity, mood imbalances, and difficulty concentrating. If you see these issues in your child, you might well suspect that he or she has ADHD.

The question is: What should you do if you think your child has ADHD?

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Which Is More Expensive: Homeschool or Public School?

how much does homeschool cost

When I attended public school as a child,  I never thought about how much money my parents had to spend to make that possible. Naturally, my biggest concern was getting the right pair of sneakers for my first day of class.

Now that I’m a parent, budgeting is one of my biggest concerns. Having tried both homeschooling and public schooling for my own children, I’ve learned firsthand the different costs associated with both methods.

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3 Easy Ways to Build Independence in Middle Schoolers

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Between the stress of puberty and the increasing difficulty of academic material, middle school homeschoolers can feel more than their share of pressure. During these grades, parents can do a lot to help their kids build an independent love for learning. And, while this may involve lots of time now in terms of training, it can be a wonderful asset later on.

When children learn how to direct their own learning, it helps them enjoy their educational journey all the more. Here are three easy ways to build independence in middle schoolers.

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Tips for Teaching ADHD Kids at Home

a young child sits, chin in hand with head cocked

Tips for Teaching ADHD Kids at HomeKids with ADHD are bright, funny, and charming. Typically, they are highly intelligent and creative. But when it’s time to do a lesson for school, these positive traits can be replaced by other not-so-positive traits: inattention, hyperactivity, daydreaming, irritability, even outright defiance.

Trying to parent a child with ADHD is difficult. Trying to teach a child with ADHD can feel almost impossible, especially if you are using a traditional approach to homeschooling.

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Sending My Kids (With ADHD) Back to Public School Was a Disaster

a teenager leans her head on her hands, looking gloomy

After homeschooling for six years, we decided to send our kids to public school for a few months last year. During those few months, we saw them change. Unfortunately, it was not for the better.

We originally thought that public school would be a positive change, especially since we have been handling their ADHD without medication. As we observed them, however, we realized that sending our children to public school had actually made their ADHD worse.Here’s how.

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