Box Day Sets the Tone for an Exciting New Year of Homeschool

two BookShark boxes stacked

Box Day is one of the most exciting days of the year for homeschool families. It’s the day that the Fed Ex truck stops in front of a house to deliver that huge box of homeschool curriculum:

While it’s always fun to get a package, BookShark Box Day is when the whole family gets excited about a new year of homeschooling.

Parents Know They Have Everything They Need

Every homeschool mom and dad feel the responsibility of their children’s education. It’s a serious job to educate our children at home, but Box Day makes parents feel assured.  They can look at those boxes and know:

  • “I have what I need."
  • "I’m prepared."
  • "It’s all planned out for me."
  • "I can do this!”

Most moms like to spend a few hours assembling the Instructor’s Guides (IG), checking the daily schedules, and organizing the books on shelves as they unbox their packages. If she had any doubt about the quality of homeschooling compared to public school, all her fears are erased on Box Day: What public school kid makes it through this many books in a school year?

BookShark Box Day Excites Both Moms and Kids

Box Day is physical proof that homeschooling with BookShark is complete and more than adequate.

Once they see how the IG makes everything so painless and low-prep, parents can relax. Other moms may be agonizing over curriculum choices and fearful of learning gaps, but BookShark parents on Box Day are calm and confident.

Kids are Thrilled at the Book Selections

Of course, moms are smart to do this organization after the kids have had a chance to pore over the books. Otherwise, every time mom puts a book on the shelf, she’s going to be chasing down a child to put it back in the right place in her orderly system because Box Day is exciting for kids too! They want to see all the books, look at the glossy covers, peer inside at the topics and illustrations, and anticipate what’s to come. Sometimes kids will beg to start right away—immediately even! They find a book that is captivating, and they want to read it. Or they see a science activity that looks so fascinating they what to attempt an experiment that instant!

As a parent, it can be tough to say no in this situation! Is anything better than seeing your kids get excited about learning? But on Box Day, most parents lovingly remind their children that the new curriculum is for the upcoming school year as they put it on a shelf for later. If you can recruit your kids in this organization phase, all the better! Their eager anticipation is heightened when they see just how many great books they will be reading over the course of a year. They will probably want to know which ones are readers (that they read themselves) and which ones are read alouds (that you read to them). Recruit them to separate the science books from the history books, maybe even labeling the books. As they help you organize, they gain a roadmap of the future year to come.

BookShark Box Day Photos from Instagram • photo credits clockwise from top left: @switchbladeseasea, @lynnfrey, @love_most_sweet, @jennlylarrabee

Instagram photo credits clockwise from top left: @switchbladeseasea, @lynnfrey, @love_most_sweet, @jennlylarrabee


Everyone is Eager for a Fresh Homeschool Year

Parents are relaxed and assured. Kids are excited and eager. Box Day sets a positive tone for the start of your new homeschool year. With the backdrop of a happy Box Day, there’s no back to school dread. Instead there is a craving to jump in with both feet to enjoy all the books and science experiments.

This is exactly why we all chose to homeschool—to nurture the love of learning that all children naturally have (but is sometimes choked out in a public school setting or by a tedious, restrictive curriculum choice). Between Box Day and your first day of the new homeschool year, you may want to do some school supply shopping, have a special breakfast, take school photos, or commemorate the new year in some other meaningful way. Or just enjoy the rest of your summer, savoring the sweet anticipation that comes as a result of a BookShark Box Day.

Make your BookShark Box Day a reality. Choose your program here or request a catalog.

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