You Need to Know These Wonderful Benefits of Boxed Curriculum

Benefits of Boxed Curriculum

In homeschooling circles, boxed curriculum is also known as an all-in-one educational program. One company provides the materials you need for all core subjects for an entire school year, often in one large box.

When you purchase a package like this, you receive the necessary student books, an in-depth teacher’s guide and schedule and, frequently, any additional readers and supplies you’ll need to complete all of the lessons throughout the year.

Many parents find that the teacher’s manual included in this type of curriculum is worth its weight in gold. Typically an instructor's guide includes detailed lesson plans, sample schedules, support materials, suggested student responses, tips for grading assignments, extension ideas, and more.

Everything is laid out for you when you use a boxed curriculum. That makes a complete curriculum a great way to build confidence, especially if you’re new to homeschooling. But it’s not just for newbies either. A lot of veteran homeschoolers use an all in one curriculum because of the many benefits it provides.

Why should families consider using a boxed curriculum in their homeschool?

Boxed Curriculum Packages Save Time

You Need to Know These Wonderful Benefits of Boxed CurriculumSince this type of curriculum comes with everything you need to complete a year of homeschooling, you won’t have to spend your valuable time researching and purchasing separate materials for each core subject. Not only will it save you time, but buying everything together in one package can also save you money.

Many parents love the fact that you can open up the box and get started immediately. You’ll most likely want to do some preparation and research on your own; however, it will take you far less time than building your own curriculum plan.

Boxed Curriculum Packages are Seamless

With everything coming from one company, all of the subjects tie together. The writing shares a similar perspective and tone. All of this makes the lessons easier for kids to understand and for mom to implement.

Plus, since you won’t be jumping around from curriculum to curriculum, there will be less chance of having gaps in your child’s learning. The publishers work hard to make sure key points are covered for each subject.

Take a look at the packages offered by BookShark for examples of the well-planned curriculum choices a full package can bring you.

Boxed Curriculum Packages are Less Stressful

Designing your child’s entire school year can cause many tense moments for even the most seasoned homeschool parent. Wading through the wide variety of choices available for each subject can make your head spin. And after you make your decisions and purchase your books, you still have to create the lesson plans and schedules.

When you choose to go with a boxed curriculum, all of that work has already been done for you, effectively removing any additional burdens and stress.

Families who use this all-in-one option love the benefits it provides. Boxed curriculum is a straightforward and extremely effective way to complete a school year at home with your child. It’s easy to see why so many parents choose this way to homeschool.

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