4 Invaluable Gifts Boxed Curriculum Offers a Work at Home Mom

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I remember my very first year homeschooling; I ordered one of those big boxes of curriculum from one publisher. Everything came in one box, and my shopping was done in one swoop. I was thrilled!

Fast forward a few years later. I'm still homeschooling, and we still order a boxed curriculum each year despite my new-found expertise in educating at home.

We have strayed on a few things and may purchase more than one box a year's time; however, overall we are a boxed curriculum family. And I am still thrilled about that decision! Why? Because, I am a work at home mom.

As a work at home, homeschool mom, I have found that a boxed curriculum fits my family’s needs in ways that cobbling together materials from multiple publishers couldn’t do. How?

1. Ease

You don’t get much easier than ordering from one publisher. A boxed curriculum is essentially a one stop shop. You go online, pick your grades/levels and subjects and check out because you can trust that homeschool company to provide everything you need in an age-appropriate, orderly sequence. That’s it! It's so easy, you can even do it on your lunch break! 

4 Invaluable Gifts Boxed Curriculum Offers a Work at Home Mom2. No Agonizing Decision Making

As a work at home, homeschool mom, I don’t have time to browse catalogs, compare endless options, and ask advice from other moms on forums or Facebook groups.

When curriculum shopping season arrives, the catalogs go straight in the trash. Why? Because I know what I am ordering and who I am ordering it from. There is no curriculum catalog browsing, no wishing for something else, and no price comparisons. My homeschool stress is reduced because the curriculum question has already been decided.

3. Open and Go

Boxed curriculums are literally open and go. This wonderful phrase means that I can end our homeschool lessons on Monday, and open the book for Tuesday ready to go on the spot. There is no planning ahead, no wondering what I am going to teach, and no teacher prep. As a work at home, I am busy. I don’t have time for a largely teacher-intensive curriculum. So, the open and go benefit of a boxed curriculum saves me the headache of planning ahead.

4. The Gift of Time

One of the best things about homeschooling is the time we are able to spend with our kids. However, as a work at home mom, I also have to juggle work duties, time online, and working mom guilt. A boxed curriculum gives me the gift of time. I am able to take that time that I would have spent planning, and actually enjoy my kids. I am able to take the time I would spend browsing catalogs, and read a book. The time I would spend ordering from multiple publishers? That time is spent actually enjoying my lunch.

Homeschool moms are left with many plates to juggle. We juggle school, parenting, marriage, dinners and much more. Add in working from home and, honestly, we are often times juggling too much! Luckily a boxed curriculum provides many benefits that make our jobs a little easier.

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Misty BaileyMisty Bailey is a homeschool mom of three and has been homeschooling for over 5 years. You can read about her homeschool journey and more on her blog, Joy in the Journey.