10 YouTube Videos for Exploring Central America

a stone ruin from central america
This year in our homeschool we will be studying Central America. Although we have a great collection of books to read about the topic, I also wanted to find age appropriate videos that show us more about the different countries we’ll be visiting. As much as we adore a literature-based homeschool curriculum, we still love adding on the visual component with online streaming.

I turned to YouTube and found many good picks that I know will enhance our learning. I often turn on YouTube during breakfast or lunch for a special treat. We’ll spread out a blanket and have a carpet picnic while learning more about the world around us. Here are some of the videos we’ll be using for our exploration of the continent of Central America.

1. Mexico Vacation Travel Video Guide

This 50 minute video by Expoza Travel is an in depth look at all there is to see and do in Mexico! You may add a few things to your vacation bucket list after you watch this enticing video!

2. Belize Beach and Jungle Adventure

We have always loved watching the Travel With Kids series of videos,and this 30 minute episode follows our favorite traveling family as they explore the beaches, jungle, and culture of Belize.

3. 7 Facts About Guatemala

While this short 3 minute video will require an adult to read to younger children, it was very informative—teaching us all sorts of wonderful snippets about the country. This would be a good one for filling out a note taking sheet as you watch.

4. A Child’s Day in El Salvador

This quick 2 minute video takes the viewer through a day in the life of a child living in El Salvador. I find my kids relate well to these types of narratives that help them imagine themselves living in the land we are studying.

5. This is Honduras

This 13 minute video follows a brother and sister pair of high school students as they volunteer in a Students Helping Honduras program. I loved that this combines the culture and people of Honduras with humanitarian service.   

10 YouTube Videos for Exploring Central America 6. The Panama Canal

This 5 minute video by How Stuff Works not only explains how the canal works but goes into a bit of the history of the canal, including its construction.

7. Costa Rica Animal Rescue—Are We There Yet?

This 7 minute video by National Geographic features two young kids who are learning about some of the animals which live in the rainforests of Costa Rica.

8. Life in Central America by Patrick Ross

This 7 minute video is set to music and, through a montage of videos, shows what life is like in both Honduras and Nicaragua.

9. Top 10 Facts About Mexico

This 11 minute video by Most Amazing Top 10 takes the viewer through some pretty interesting facts about Mexico. (Please note that fact #5 is all about crime and drug cartels and as such may not be appropriate for all children. Please preview.)

10. Kids Sea Camp Utila Honduras

Another 30 minute video by Travel with Kids focuses on the island of Utila just off the coast of Honduras. The film explores both above and below the water.

We find that videos make a great jumping off point for diving into a new territory or a fun wrap up of a lesson we’ve just covered. If you like this post, you will probably also love these video lists for other continents:

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