How to Extend Your Family Culture of Reading Through Winter Break

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The temperatures are beginning to drop. Autumn is well and truly here which means winter is not far behind. I look forward to the first snowflake, the first icicle, and that muffled silence that falls over everything after a heavy snow.

But then just as quickly as it all arrived, I am ready for warmth and sun again. Yet my kiddos could spend all day in the great outdoors of winter, provided there is plenty of hot cocoa and a cozy Read-Aloud by the fire afterwards.

Reading is part of our family culture. It brings joy and happiness to both children and adults alike in my home.

What is Your Family Culture?

But what is family culture, anyway?

It’s your family’s traditions, habits, rules, and values. It’s what your family considers fun and what it deems significant moments. Every family has its own identity and its own family culture whether they homeschool or not. Here are examples of traits that a family culture could center on:

  • Reading—Does your family love books? Are Read-Alouds your jam? 

  • Sports—Does your family love to follow or play certain sports? Do you have favorite teams that you support?

  • Movies—Does your family love watching movies together and then dissecting them afterwards?

  • Food—Is taco Tuesday a thing in your home? Do you bond over preparing and eating food as a family? Do you have a lot of family traditions that center on food? For example, maybe the kids like to make muffins every Saturday morning.

  • Favorite Places to Go—Is your family often on the go so that winter cabin fever is never a possibility? Does your family enjoy hiking, farmer’s markets, roller coasters, or other on-the-road activities

  • Family Conversations—Does your family enjoy meaningful conversation with each other? Perhaps lively exchanges or deep discussions are a favorite way for you to bond?

All these things count toward your family’s uniqueness. There is not a secret to creating your family culture though you can be intentional about it. What matters to you? Whatever that is, make a point to incorporate it into your family time on a regular basis. Keep in mind how you want your family and your homeschool to feel.

What are your family values? How does your family have fun? These are the questions to ask yourself.

Our family values books, cooking, music, problem-solving, games, and art. We enjoy random dance parties in our front yard. That is all a part of our special family culture.

Extending Your Family Culture of Reading During Your Winter Break

For many homeschoolers, reading, curiosity, and learning are central to their family cultures. If you fall in that category, here are a few winter reading ideas to extend that family value during the chillier months of the year:

  • How to Extend Your Family Culture of Reading Through Winter BreakRead a book about a winter sport.

  • Make homemade hot cocoa for the family and read a book about caring and sharing.

  • Cuddle around the fire while reading colorful picture books.

  • Share a Read-Aloud you loved from your own childhood.

  • Make paper snowflakes and listen to an audio book about snow.

  • Go on a wintry hike then come inside a read a nature book about winter habitats.

  • Watch a movie that is based on a book.

  • Blow bubbles in temperatures below 32 degrees and watch them freeze. Then read a science book that explains what happened.

  • Listen to an audio book as your family travels to visit friends and family.

  • String twinkle lights around your home for a cozy glow; then read a book about the winter solstice.

  • Read through cookbooks and then choose new recipes to prepare together. 

  • Make bird seed bird feeders for your feathered friends; then read a book about birds.

  • Play language and reading games together when night falls.

Family culture is built day by day through both memorable and every day moments. You don’t need to buy more things to develop your idea family culture. You just need to make a conscious decision to be present and do the things your family already cherishes. Time at home or on break with loads of reading provides families opportunities to strengthen their family culture and create lasting memories even during the coldest season of the year.

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Erin Vincent • Nourishing My ScholarI'm Erin, an introverted homeschooling mom to two intense extroverted kids. We are child led with a heavy emphasis on read alouds, games, art, nature hikes, and hands-on everything! My kids just learn better when they can use their hands. You can find me at Nourishing My Scholar.

We traded the hustle and bustle of city life for the quiet that only farm life can provide. This creates a wonderful environment for our children, complete with chickens, goats, ducks, and cows. I'm a huge fan of Harry Potter and Gilmore Girls. When we're not homeschooling, you'll find me curled up with a cup of coffee and a good book or possibly enjoying a random dance party in the front yard to the newest Disney soundtrack.