When a Homeschool Mom Says Your Curriculum Isn't Good Enough

At some point, I am sure you have dealt with homeschool naysayers—folks lurking behind the corner, questioning your decision or making bold statements, such as:

  • How will you know what to teach?

  • Only teachers are qualified to teach kids. You should just put them in public school.

  • How will your children socialize with others?

  • Your children are going to fall behind their peers.

Facing homeschool naysayers is an unfortunate yet expected part of being a homeschool parent. If you know your why, it is easy enough to face these questions from outsiders head-on and continue on your happy homeschool journey.

However, every once in awhile a fellow homeschooler may catch you off guard with skepticism and criticism. Their critique will probably take on a different form, perhaps along the lines of, “You are using thaaaat curriculum?”

What should you do now? Before you blow a fuse and give a snippy reply to your homeschool friend, just remember these points.

1. Homeschool Curriculum is Not One-size-fits-all

There are thousands of options for homeschool curriculum! With such a huge variety, there is no need for a one-size-fits-all mindset. The best part of homeschooling is the freedom it affords. 

This means that familes can choose different curriculums and still be choosing the best for their situation! There is no single correct choice. There are many viable options.

2. Homeschool Curriculum Should Match Your Family

Every family not only learns but also teaches in their own way. I’m guessing you have selected curriculum that fits your family’s style and beliefs. For me that means a secular, literature-based curriculum. For a friend of mine, that means a curriculum that follows a classical Christian approach. What works for you and your children very well may not work for your homeschool friend’s family. And that difference is okay!

When a Homeschool Mom Says Your Curriculum Isn't Good Enough3. Homeschool Curriculum is a Personal Choice

Just like homeschooling is a personal choice, so is homeschool curriculum. I started homeschooling because the schools in my area are not great and my special needs son was about to start school. I knew what the public school had to offer would not be a good fit for him, so I branched out and started my homeschool journey. On that same note, a lot of the curriculum I purchase is designed for children with special needs. Clearly my friends without special needs children will not be using all the same materials I do.

Now ask yourself, “Did I pick a curriculum that fits my family?” I’m betting your answer is yes, so don’t let what your homeschool peer said bother you too much. Instead of immediately going on the defensive, take this opportunity to do what homeschool mamas love to do—talk curriculum! Let your friend know

  • why you love your curriculum

  • how it has helped your child

  • why it is worth splurging on

  • why it is good enough for your situation

In return, ask your friend exactly why she thinks your curriculum isn’t good enough. You might gain keen insight on why this curriculum didn’t work for your friend or why she refuses to purchase it altogether. Her input may save you a headache in the future, or the conversation might just be a good chance to get a little of your own socializing in. I call that a win-win!

About the Author

Roxanne Raiche

Roxanne Raiche is a book hoarding, coffee loving, homeschooling mama of three in Iron Mountain, Michigan. She is the voice behind Homework and Horseplay, where she shares her homeschool journey and Tea Time Tuesdays.


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