The Benefits of Ebooks for Children

As homeschool parents, most of us believe that reading is an important thing for children to do. We believe in quality literature and want to teach our children that reading is beneficial for a vibrant life.

We fill our children with living books, beginning with read alouds like Charlotte’s Web and the Little House Series. Through the years, we advance into more complex books like Shiloh and Little Women. In the meantime, our children have become enthusiastic readers thanks to the love of literature we have given them from a young age.

Once our kids become avid readers (and sometimes before then), our shelves begin filling up with books. I do not know a homeschool family who doesn’t have at least two completely full bookshelves. Depending on how many kids you have, you may have even more!

So many great things about digital books!

The Benefits of Ebooks for ChildrenLuckily, parents can move on to the next step in children’s books —ebooks! Despite our worries about too much screen time, there are many benefits to allowing your children to read ebooks:

  • Ebooks are mobile so kids can take them anywhere.

  • Ebooks take up less space than traditional books.

  • They encourage some children to read more.

  • Digital books are more interactive, and many offer games, puzzles and narration along with the text.

  • Children tend to look at the words longer and read slower on an eReader device.

  • Some digital books have a dictionary function including pronunciation as well as meanings. 

  • Ebooks tend to cost less and can often be found for free!

Just as you may be transitioning to a digital homeschool planner or online Instructor's Guides and discovering great advantages over paper notebooks, your children, too, may enjoy a different way of reading instead of a paperback novel.

How can you find children’s ebooks online?

  • Amazon is a great place to get ebooks for kids, and if you participate in Amazon prime, you can also borrow books for free.

  • Many libraries now offer digital lending services for patrons who have ereaders. Check if your library is one of them.

  • Free Kids Books offers a ton of children's book online for free!

Ebooks offer many of the same benefits as traditional books and in some cases more! If you have been on the fence about letting your child convert to an ereader, I hope this encourages you to give ebooks a try. 

Misty BaileyMisty Bailey is a homeschool mom of three and has been homeschooling for over 5 years. You can read about her homeschool journey and more on her blog, Joy in the Journey.