3 Reasons To Use Ereaders For HomeschoolUp until a few years ago, we mostly used used online or print resources in our homeschool. Now, with the introduction of a Kindle to our home, a world of learning possibilities has opened up. Our ereader has come in handy both for me — the parent-teacher — and for my kids. 

Ereaders make homeschool easy on the go.

We travel a lot as a family. In fact, our trips are often spontaneous with less than a week's notice that we are packing up to leave with my husband.
When it comes to toting our belongings, my daughter’s digital format textbooks all fit neatly on our Kindle. Rather than dragging heavy textbooks around, the ereader holds multiple times as much information and is so light she barely feels it in her backpack. We can take the ereader with us anywhere!
BookShark users can access the Instructor's Guides on any device that has Internet access, making homeschool lessons on the road easy to keep track of.

Ereaders reduce the need for shelf space.

We have at least five bookshelves in our home, and they are each packed to the max. With not another inch to spare, our ereader comes in handy now that we’ve become accustomed to downloading our books digitally. 
As I mentioned before, everything is in one spot. There is no need to go hunting around the house for two or three misplaced books. 
Families who love the literature-based learning approach appreciate having one place to digitally store all of your kids’ favorite book selections. It’s the go-to tool for reading. Hence, having more than one ereader may become necessary.

Ereaders give you instant access to knowledge at your fingertips.

With accounts on Amazon, Audible, or even your public library, consuming new content is as simple as a download or purchase. Have your kids create reading lists of favorites at your public library’s website or on Amazon. Then it's easy for you to download them onto your device.
Language arts and literature time can be transformed by the variety of books available, and your kids will likely find new and interesting books by surfing Amazon.
Somehow, the variety of options at my fingertips fuels my excitement as a homeschool parent.  When I see the possibilities of ways I can create reading lists for different topics we’re studying, I realize the phenomenal potential of ereaders.

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