Customer Spotlight: Iain, Second Grader and Theater EnthusiastCustomer Spotlight: Iain, Second Grader and Theater Enthusiast

Every homeschool family is unique, with its own reasons for homeschooling. This post introduces you to one BookShark family who has been using our programs for three years so far.

Iain spends his time as an actor, dancer and recognized theater critic. He has conducted interviews on the red carpet at the Tony Awards and is currently acting alongside Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman in HBO's Little Big Lies. 

Homeschooling provides Iain the time and flexibility to pursue his love of theater and performing. You can follow Ian on
 YouTube or Facebook. 

We spoke to his mom Lee about her choice to educate at home and how BookShark suits their lifestyle.

Q. Why did you choose to homeschool?

A. When Iain was very young, I halfheartedly looked at preschools. I kept thinking that I would be paying someone to do a job that I would rather do myself. So we skipped preschool and replaced it with lots of playgroups and travel. Iain has a July birthday, so instead of sending him to Kindergarten, I held him back.

When I went to Kindergarten, it was still play school, but now it seems that the requirement is being able to read by the end of the year! It seemed to me that the brain should be making all sorts of other connections. By the time I really had to choose whether or not to enroll him in our local public schools, we were used to being on our own schedule. The idea of homeschooling really appealed to both of us!

There are so many advantages to homeschooling that I never anticipated. We love having such a flexible schedule. We often school through the summer and then take longer breaks in October and around the New Year. It's also wonderful to be able to dwell on things that really capture Iain’s interest such as theater.

Q. Why did you choose BookShark?

A. I was going to wing it, but when our first day of formal homeschool approached, I panicked, realizing I didn't have any idea what to do. I knew I liked the idea of a "curriculum in a box," and I was fairly certain that I wanted a secular curriculum. I loved BookShark's four-day a week approach because I wanted Iain to have time to take a language, learn an instrument, and be involved in a sport. We have been using BookShark for almost three years. We started with BookShark 1 and are just finishing Bookshark 4.

Iain and I both love the literature and history. The way the literature ties into the history that we are studying is really wonderful. Plus we don't use a lot of screens in our house, so it's a treat for Iain to watch the BookShark science videos.

After seeing Hamilton off Broadway, Iain was obsessed with the show. One of his BookShark language arts assignments was to rewrite the ending to a popular story or movie. He chose to create an alternate ending for Hamilton, and the actors actually rehearsed it onstage! Watch it here or with the embedded video below.

Iain went to sleep that night saying, "I wrote a play! On Broadway!"

Q. What does Iain say about BookShark?

A. "I love BookShark because is interactive and fun. I like reading together. It's really, really fun!"

Homeschooling gives you the freedom to pursue your kids' passions. BookShark gives you the assurance that you are teaching your kids what they need to know without huge learning gaps. And we fit it into a four-day schedule so you have time for what is important to your family whether it be theater or something else.

Do you have a story about your family's experience with BookShark? We'd love to hear why you chose to educate at home with BookShark and what incredible adventures it has brought your way. Email us at

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