Ancient Egypt: Eight Movies to Stream Online

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Studying ancient Egypt is an exciting adventure for both you and your child, especially when you immerse yourself in the period through the help of great books. BookShark covers Ancient Egypt for several weeks in both Level B Reading with History for ages 6-8 and Level G Reading with History for ages 11-13, so your children are exposed to this fascinating period twice during their elementary and middle school years. To supplement your reading, there are plenty of excellent movies to help you further visualize the  ancient Egyptian culture, history, and geography. Below are my top 8 choices for online streaming about this ancient civilization. Take your pick from YouTube, Netflix, or Amazon.

YouTube Videos about Ancient Egypt

1. Kid’s Animated History Egypt

This short, animated show is perfect for kids using BookShark Levels B or G. It explains how Ancient Egyptians took advantage the Nile's flooding and also explains how Upper and Lower Egypt unified. Your kids will learn fun facts about Egypt told in a simple, easy-to-understand way.

2. The Great Mystery of the Pyramids of Egypt

This 3 minute animated film explains how the Egyptians built the pyramids. It's perfect for kids studying Level B Intro to World History.

3. King Tut and His Treasure for Kids: Biography of Tutankhamun

Ideal for kids using BookShark Level G, this five minute documentary offers a fascinating look at King Tut’s life and his tomb.

Netflix Movies about Ancient Egypt

NOTE: These shows are no longer available at Netflix. Hopefully you can locate them on other streaming platforms.

Ancient Egypt: Eight Movies to Stream Online4. The Pyramid Code

This documentary explores the pyramid fields and ancient temples in Egypt over the course of 5 episodes. The Pyramid Code features interviews with experts in many fields: geology, physics, astrophysics, archaeology, hieroglyphics, etc. 

5. Egypt

This BBC documentary dramatizes several exciting discoveries in Ancient Egypt including Tutankhamun’s tomb, several other tombs discovered in the 1800s, and the decoding of the Rosetta Stone. This is rated PG and should be appropriate for students using BookShark Level 6. Your budding archaeologist will love this documentary, but others should also find it interesting.

Amazon Films about Ancient Egypt

6. Ramesses II: The Great Journey

Follow the journey from Ramesses II’s death at the old age of 92 to the burial ritual. Explorers search for his tomb in this approximately one hour long documentary. Although it covers very little of Ramesses II’s reign, it is a fascinating look at what happens after his death. Rated G, this is appropriate for kids in both BookShark Levels 1 and 6, though those in Level 6 will likely find it more interesting.

7. Egypt’s Lost Queens

This documentary, which explores the Egyptian women who went before Cleopatra—Hetepheres, Hatshepsut, Nefertari, and Arsinoe--is rated PG-13, so you may want to screen it ahead of time. Watch this show to learn an angle of Egyptian history that isn’t often explored.

8. Ancient Egypt: Life and Death in the Valley of the Kings

This documentary is hosted by Dr. Joann Fletcher, a renowned Egyptologist and the same person who hosted Egypt’s Lost Queens. Here, she examines the life of a couple who lived in Ancient Egypt and whose remains are now housed at the Egyptian Museum of Turin.

While your children are learning about Ancient Egypt and reading excellent literature related to the time period, choose some of these interesting documentaries and shows to teach your children in a different way and to enrich what they are learning. Bonus: Add in some of these hands-on activities, too.

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