New to Homeschooling? Why a Boxed Curriculum May be Right for You

Let's talk brass tacks of choosing homeschool curriculum. Whether you buy in the spring or wait until the last minute of September, the choice can be dizzying. There are a lot of curriculum styles out there based on teaching philosophies, but there are also a few different types of curriculum packages. Most curriculum can be lumped into one of the following formats:

  • Traditional textbook

  • Computer/DVD based

  • Hands-on (usually includes a lot of supplemental materials in addition to books)

  • Boxed curriculum (with everything you need for the year in a single package)

I can always tell who is new to homeschooling at conventions because the entire family has a wild, glassy-eyed appearance that is the result of too many choices. If you are new to homeschooling and feeling overwhelmed by it all, a boxed curriculum is the perfect place to start.

1. Boxed curriculum comes in one box

New to Homeschooling? Why a Boxed Curriculum May be Right for YouYou don’t have to worry about the bookstore not having what you need for history or making sure that you order science from another website in time. One click for each grade and you are done. Easy peasy—and no stress. 

2. Boxed curriculum covers what you need to know

Most new homeschooling families are worried that they will not be good teachers for their children. It is scary to be responsible for the entire education of our children. Boxed curriculums are carefully curated to provide exactly what children need to know for each grade level. When you stick with the same curriculum provider over the course of many years, you have even greater assurance that you are providing what your children need long-term.

3. Boxed curriculum works well for stricter states

Do you live in a state with strict homeschooling laws? Boxed curriculum is excellent for meeting state requirements. Stricter states require parents cover specific subjects for so many days per year, and most boxed curriculum meets those state requirements. Why give yourself extra legal stress when starting your homeschool journey? Choose something with a clearly laid out 36-week plan, and you know you are set.

4. Boxed curriculum is easily reusable

Many of the books you get in a boxed curriculum can be used again. Literature-based programs, like BookShark, come with dozens of books that build a family library the entire family can enjoy.

5. Boxed curriculum is easy to follow

Creating curriculum and a learning plan is hard work. The creators of boxed curriculum have put hundreds of hours into choosing each item in the box and creating an education plan that builds foundational skills while making it easy on new teaching parents. Most boxed curriculum offers easy-to-follow teaching guides that allow you to focus on teaching rather than lesson planning.

As a newbie, why wouldn't you take advantage of the benefits of boxed curriculum as you transition into a new lifestyle of home education? There's no reason to reinvent the wheel. Get the boxed curriculum and then enjoy the school year with your kids!

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