How to Get Your Homeschooler Excited for a New School Year

Can you believe it’s almost time to start school again? Fortunately, back to school excitement isn’t reserved for traditional students. As homeschoolers, we can make the first days of school just as special for our children with these ten ideas.

1. New School Supplies

Remember how it exciting it was to shop for new school supplies as a child? Even though you’re homeschooling, it doesn’t mean you can’t let your kids get a few new things for school.

Hit the stores for back to school sales or check out the dollar store for some fun but functional goodies.

2. A New Outfit

Just like supplies, everyone likes a new outfit to kick off the year. Take your child shopping and let her choose something she loves. It can even be pajamas if you allow pajamas during the homeschool day.

3. A Delicious Breakfast

Does your family have a favorite breakfast that’s usually reserved for special occasions? If so, consider making it before hitting the books on your first day of homeschool.

Turn a waffle or pancake breakfast into an event by offering a large variety of yummy toppings to choose from. Want to completely surprise everyone? Serve ice cream sundaes for breakfast!

4. Special Decorations

How to Get Your Homeschooler Excited for a New School YearLiven up your school area with balloons, streamers, and a colorful sign.

5. A Name for Your School

If you don’t already have a name for your school, put your heads together and come up with one.

6. A First Day Picture

Don’t forget to document the day with a unique photo. Set up a photo booth. Then take photos with your kids in their new back to school outfits or their pajamas!

Or keep it low key with selfies  that you share on social media. Be sure to use BookShark's custom filters for Facebook photos! (Inside the Facebook app click on the magic wand after you take a photo to apply effects.)

7. A Slow Start

Spend the first week easing into subjects, giving everyone time to adjust to the new schedule. Fill the extra time by reading together, playing games, or doing other favorite activities. The idea is to make back to school an exciting but not overwhelming experience.

8. An Educational Field Trip

Now that the traditional schools are back in session, put off your book learning and instead spend your first week outside of the home. Take advantage of the lack of crowds to enjoy some of your local educational attractions: the aquarium, zoo, science center, state park, historical site, or art museum.

9. A Special Lunch

If possible, take your kids out, one by one, for a special lunch—or picnic. It’s a great way to connect, especially if you interview them about what they’re looking forward to this year.

10. A Party!

Plan a Not Back to School Party with your homeschooling friends.

Make back to school time special for your homeschoolers. With just a bit of planning, it’s quite easy to get everyone excited about the upcoming school year even if they are schooling at home.

About the Author

Megan Zechman

Megan Zechman is a veteran homeschool mom of two girls. Over at Education Possible, she shares creative, hands-on learning activities for middle school.


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