3 Reasons Your Homeschool Is Absolutely Perfect

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It’s fun to see how other homeschoolers do things, right? Day-in-the-life blog posts can be useful when looking for ideas or because you have an interest in how others live life as homeschooling families. But sometimes seeing how other homeschoolers approach their day can make us second guess the awesomeness of our own set-up. Sometimes checking in on what another homeschooler is doing can make us feel as though our own homeschooling life isn’t quite up to par.

Nonsense, friends! Their homeschool probably is awesome, but guess what? Yours is, too! Know why? Here are three reasons I know your homeschool is totally awesome the way it is.

1. Because it’s your house.

Everyone’s life is different, and we’re all dealing with individual situations behind the closed doors of the four walls we call home. Some of us…

  • work full time

  • are single parents

  • have many children

  • have schedules that are constantly changing

  • struggle with health issues

  • have partners who work nights and sleep during the day

  • have tiny homes without a dedicated homeschool space

  • live in the country far away from other homeschooling families

All of these things and many others make a difference in what does and doesn’t work in your homeschooling life. Not knowing all the variables in another family's life, you truly can't compare your homeschool experience to theirs. You are doing a great job in making choices for your homeschool that fit a life of learning into and around your unique situation! 

2. Because they are your kids.

Some of us have preschoolers; others have high schoolers. Some of us have kids dealing with learning disabilities, food allergies, or anxiety. Some of our children learn best hanging upside down from a tree, while others want to sit at the table. Some children like to have their work done by 8am, and others do their best work after supper.

3 Reasons Your Homeschool is Absolutely PerfectAll of our kids are unique, and they are all at various stages of life. (And have you noticed how kids change!? As soon as you think you have cracked the code, they transform right before your eyes. And you have to shift your expectations and methods once again.)

While it can help to get others’ opinions on what to use for curriculum, we should remember they are just that—opinions. Your kids may require a different approach to math, language arts, or history than what their friends are using. Isn’t it great that in homeschooling, there are so many different approaches available?

You know your kids. You know what they need, how they tick, what works and what doesn’t. Be proud of the choices you’ve made in the set-up of your homeschool that have allowed your kids to fully shine at being who they are.

3. Because you are you.

As moms and dads, we’re diverse. The strengths, weaknesses, and quirks that make you who you are affect your experience as a homeschool teacher as well. Our personalities, and how they meld with those within our family, can determine a whole lot about our homeschooling journey. Honor who you are as an individual and how that relates to the choices you’ve made in your homeschooling life.

So what that all the ladies in that homeschool Facebook group rave about a certain program that you hate or blast another one that works for you? Let them have their opinions. And you can have yours, too, without worrying that your way isn't the "right one." Your way is the right one—for you.

Homeschooling is great because you can tweak and sculpt it into what you’d like it to be. You can do what works for you. Do you hear the power in that sentence? It’s about what works for you, your home, and your kids. While it’s always interesting to see what other homeschoolers are doing and how they set things up in their homes, it’s also important to remember that you chose to homeschool for your family—not for the other homeschoolers.

See? Your homeschool is just fine the way it is. In fact, it’s perfect.

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Amy Dingmann

About the Author

Amy Dingmann lives in Minnesota with her husband where they have been homeschooling their two sons since 2007. Her hobbies include filling up her sons’ bottomless pits, drinking a lot of strong coffee, and smiling. Her least favorite subject is math. Her favorite subjects are everything else. She likes talking to other homeschooling parents and assuring them that even though they worry they’re totally screwing things up, they actually totally and completely rock.  Amy blogs at The Hmmmschooling Mom, and works as an author/speaker on homeschooling and parenting/family topics.