Surviving Long Road Trips with Reading

Surviving Long Road Trips with Reading

As I type, I am currently about 1800 miles away from my home in Minneapolis. Because my husband had to work and I needed to experience some adventure this summer, I decided to be brave (or maybe crazy), and hit the road with my four kids—all the way from Minnesota to Glacier Park, Montana. It seemed like a good idea at the time. I’m sure the ride home will be just as great. But without looking too far into the distance, I thought I should let you in on a little secret: reading is the key to a successful long car ride.

It seems simple, or too good to be true, but it isn’t. Reading is the best way to a successful road trip with kids.

Reading Means Fewer Fights

Reading eliminates bickering over choices. No more arguing about who got to choose the last DVD or who got the iPad longer. If everyone has their own books, it doesn’t matter. There’s a book out there to fit every interest ever. Load up a book basket so there are plenty of books on hand.

Surviving Long Road Trips with ReadingThere are many kids who have a hard time reading in the car because of carsickness or because they can’t get into a book with the distraction of the trip. There's a solution! Choose some great kid magazines, comic books, or graphic novels. They will love having something special just for them.

Reading Brings Quiet

Reading makes the car silent. Truly it does. You can’t talk and read. If everyone is reading, everyone is quiet!

When you've had enough silence, take a break to discuss what everyone is reading. Give everyone a turn for an impromptu oral book report. 

Books Can Be Surprises

New books on road trips can be a great treat. Wrap up a few new books for your kids and let them open the new one when the last one is finished or when you’ve driven a certain number of miles. How fun to open a little book gift and get to read a brand new (or new to them) book!?

Everyone Can Enjoy Audiobooks Together

Audiobooks are great for the whole family to enjoy a book together. We just finished and highly recommendA Horse and His Boy by C.S Lewis and The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place. Here are more great options for listening to audiobooks:

Your next road trip doesn’t have to be movie after movie or hours upon hours of gaming. Your kids will be zombies by the time you reach your destination. Instead, read! Happy travels!

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About the Author

AliciaAlicia Hutchinson is the homeschooling mom to four.  She and her children love reading and history and exploring outside. They are just settling into their new home in the Minneapolis area, where they just relocated from North Carolina.

You can read more about Alicia and their homeschooling adventures, current projects, and thoughts on motherhood at her blog Investing Love.