Summer Learning Fun with Shark Week

Are you ready for Shark Week? We get super excited about it around here because my kids love everything to do with this apex predator of the oceans. It's the perfect way to keep summer learning fun!

We’ve already created our sharky library list and now I’m looking into documentaries. My kids adore documentaries as they add a visually compelling and storytelling element to my kids’ studies.

Shark Week for Homeschoolers: Comprehensive Video List

Here is a comprehensive list of 25 shark documentaries and shark videos using YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime.

Remember, sharks are predators so there may be scenes of sharks catching and eating their prey. Please use your best judgment as to which of these videos will work for your family.

YouTube Shark Videos Specifically for Children

Netflix Shark Documentaries

Did you know Netflix offers streaming options for a host of educational shows including documentaries?

  • Why Sharks Attack: Secrets of the Great White Shark experts examine the changing behaviors of sharks and the increase in shark attacks.
  • SharkA documentary highlighting the secret lives of sharks from the arctic to the tropics.
  • Blue PlanetA beautiful exploration of the marine world here on planet earth, including sharks.

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Shark Week Free Printable Journal

Amazon Prime Shark Documentaries

Amazon Prime Videos are free to Prime members or to anyone with a free 30-day trial.

Shark Tracking

You can follow the OSEARCH tagged sharks with their free online shark tracker. My kids and I have been tracking a great white shark named Lydia for over two years. This is just another fun way to bring these unique fish into your home.

Sharks are captivating animals and my kids obsess over them every year. Videos and documentaries offer a colorful and enthralling way to dive deeper into these fascinating creatures.

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