Keeping the Home in Homeschooling: 3 Reasons I Said No to Outside Activities

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More is more. Or is it?

We live in a world where people are always on the go. There are so many things to do and not enough time in the day to get it all done. As homeschool parents it is easy to get caught up in this hustle and bustle, especially with people constantly asking us, “What about socialization?

I fell victim to the “more is more” mentality, and said yes to everything my children showed any interest in because I didn’t want them to miss out. Before I knew it, we had a commitment every single week day, and sometimes even on the weekends. It got to the point where we were all exhausted, and my children were no longer enjoying any of it.

So this year I am saying no and staying home. We are saying goodbye to outside activities and hello to our freedom! 

  • No more homeschool partnership classes.
  • No more robotics team.
  • No more swimming lessons.
  • No more soccer.

I couldn't help but worry that this drastic change would hurt my family, but it has turned out to be beneficial in three invaluable ways: time, peace, and finances.

1. Staying Home Creates More Time

Without a doubt the biggest benefit from cutting back on weekly commitments is the extra time we now have. My children and I were constantly rushing around in an effort to cram so many activities into each day. Although we were doing a lot, we were also not doing a lot, too.  For example, to make time to for practices and outside homework assignments, we ended up neglecting both our household chores and our own homeschool curriculum. We were also turning down playdates and family functions because we didn't have the time to spare.

I am happy to report we now have a very flexible schedule and are available for get togethers and real socialization time!

2. Staying Home Means More Peace

Keeping the Home in Homeschooling: 3 Reasons I Said No to Outside ActivitiesOver the last few years, I have felt overwhelmed. The stress I was under revealed a different side of myself. And let me tell you, it was not a good side! Homeschooling should bring a family closer together not push them apart. Yet our breakneck pace of life was causing us turmoil.

I was constantly yelling at my children to get things done. My children started fighting and misbehaving more than ever before, and they were no longer excited to do the things they had originally requested. Everything seemed like a burden.

Now that we've used the power of saying no, we have time to breathe and enjoy what we are doing. All of my children have found a new appreciation for things that they used to love, such as drawing, robotics, and reading. I also have time to unwind and take care of me which means less yelling and fewer cranky mom days.

3. Staying Home Provides Financial Margin

Let’s face it—homeschooling costs money! Purchasing curriculum is a big chunk of your homeschool budget but certainly not all of it. There are a lot of surprises and odds and ends that you might not even think about before getting started. One of those surprises for me was all the cost associated with extracurricular activities such as football, basketball, soccer, music lessons, and cheerleading.

I went to public school and never had to pay to participate in extracurriculars, but as a homeschool parent I have paid hundreds of dollars simply to register my children for these activities. Then there is the cost of uniforms, shoes, food, and travel. Simply put—fewer extracurricular activities means more money in my pocket, which equates to more money for school supplies, books, curriculum, and fun outings as a family!

I don't know how long we will stick to this new way of homeschooling, but I am going to savor every moment of this quiet way of living while it lasts. I know I am not the only one in the family who was feeling burnt out. It has been nice to press pause and recenter.

Are you feeling a little burnt out? Then perhaps it is time for you to start saying no and staying home too!

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Roxanne Raiche

Roxanne Raiche is a book hoarding, coffee loving, homeschooling mama of three in Iron Mountain, Michigan. She is the voice behind Blushing Bibliophile.