10 Activities for a Homeschooled Teen’s Summer Bucket List

Sneaking learning into summer fun is not easy for me. Because I homeschool teens, I tend to push heavy academics even through the months that should be a break. Determined to foster a relaxing but productive summer for my teens this year, I brainstormed these ten activities. Each one makes it easier for me to pair learning with summertime fun and prevent any potential summer boredom.

1. Take a science class on a glass bottom boat.

If you live near a bay, taking a science class on a glass bottom boat is a fascinating experience your teen won’t forget. In one area where we lived, some tourist sites sought teens to volunteer for the summer while they learned about the ocean. What a perfect opportunity for a homeschooled high schooler!

2. Schedule a catch-up month for hands-on activities.

We’re reserving one month this summer for doing the hands-on activities we never got around to starting or completing during the typical school year.

Itching to make some science models which take more time to put together, we are abandoning our curriculum and focusing only on hands-on activities each day.

3. Go to a drive-in theater.

Though drive in theaters are not easy to find now, some of my fondest summer family memories are going to drive-in movies. My boys love movies, and when we compare a movie we watched to the book we read, it makes for great debate. Have your teen research the nearest drive in theater and estimate the driving time before you go. Any movie theater will do, of course, but finding a drive-in gives movie watching a special summer flair. 

4. Learn to decorate cakes.

If you have a teen who wants to learn to make professional quality cakes, investigate what craft stores in your area offer courses. Summer is a perfect time to sign up to learn how to decorate cakes. After taking cake classes at our local Hobby Lobby, one teen girl in our homeschool group started a small cake business.

5. Attend music concerts under the stars.

Summer time is synonymous with sitting out under the stars and listening to great tunes. Be choosy and read up about venues near you so that you avoid rowdy crowds. We prefer to look at concerts where music students from the local college are performing free for the public. The variety of music is broad, and my teens are tireless when listening to college students.

6. Take canoeing or archery classes.

Check your state park to see which educational activities are offered. We live near a park which offers teen canoeing and archery classes for a nominal fee. Learn about nature while simultaneously enjoying it!

7. Attend summer festivals.

Our local area holds a Culture Day, a Greek Fest, and an Egyptian Fest each summer. These are perfect ways to enjoy the summer while appealing to our history loving homeschool.

One year, we attended a Japanese Fest and were fascinated by Japanese swords and kimonos. Snacking on delicious Japanese finger foods and listening to the music of gigantic drums added to the entertainment.

8. Start a blog.

Keep your teens writing by starting a blog. A blog can be a launching pad for a teen’s creative writing. It can be public to the world or private only for family and friends.

If your teen has an eye for detail or grammar, he or she may be able to earn money by editing content on blogs. A homeschool mom blogger would love to pay a lower price for an editor, and a teen would not only gain valuable experience but also earn a small paycheck.

9. Learn photography.

One teenage girl in our homeschool group approached a local professional photographer because she wanted to learn photography. The professional photographer needed help setting up and hauling equipment at weddings and other summer events. The photographer was willing to trade photography classes for the teen's assistance.

10. Host a fashion show.

When I was in high school, I earned extra credit by doing a summer high school elective. I chose to direct and host a fashion show complete with music and models. I turned out to be a homeschool mom and have the most fulfilling career ever. However, hosting a fashion show allowed me to dream about potential careers.

While you’re heading to the beach, eating watermelon and hosting backyard barbeques, give your homeschooled teens a summer they won’t forget by adding one or two of these events to their summer bucket list. The summer passes much faster than you expect, so seize your opportunities now!

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