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Travel the World From Your Kitchen

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Travel The World From Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the part of the house where people gather. It's where we create the food that gives us feelings of nostalgia for grandma's cookies or Dad's Spicy Shrimp with noodles. Food is a universal need and one that allows us with a taste or smell to travel in time and location. Rowena S. took the idea of creating memorable food with an educating twist to create eat2explore. Join Rowena as she and Janna chat about the creation of Eat2Explore and how you can travel the world with cooking, and creating meaningful family time all within the comfort of your kitchen.

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6 YouTube Videos for Exploring Australia in Your Homeschool

Explore Australia in your homeschool

6 YouTube Videos for Exploring Australia in Your HomeschoolMy boys are fascinated by Australia! (Who isn't, right?) Because we follow a heavily interest-led approach to education, per their request, we have studied this small continent a few times during our years of homeschooling.

By the third time through, I felt we had exhausted our resources! We had already read all the books we could get our hands on including those in BookShark's Eastern Hemisphere Level 5 for ages 10-13, watched (and rewatched) all the movies and films about Australia I could think of, and even tried several authentic Australian foods and recipes.

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