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Do I Really Have to Read That? Questions About the BookShark Program

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As homeschooling parents, our time is at a premium. Many of us are homeschooling several kids. In addition, we need to cook meals, grocery shop, clean the house, take kids to activities, and perhaps also work a part-time job.

Life is busy.

To carve out more time in their schedule, parents frequently ask these two questions about BookShark curriculum.

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7 Ways to Grow Your Home Library on a Budget

a little free library stands open for browsing

7 Ways to Grow Your Home Library on a BudgetWe have read the research and we know how important it is to raise our children in a print-rich environment. The number of books a family has in their home is linked to academic achievement. But building a library can be an expensive venture. No one can afford to go out and buy several hundred books at once.

With planning and patience, you can slowly grow your library over time. Before you buy, know what to look for so that you spend wisely.

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