Managing Your Time as a Homeschool Mom Who Works from Home

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Once you have decided to work at home, you are faced with a huge challenge —managing your time. Homeschool moms are busy, and you may be wondering how in the world you are going to find time to work while you choose curriculum, plan lessons, and educate your children at home.

Don’t worry! You can find time to work at home while homeschooling. It simply takes a little creativity and learning how to manage well the time that you do have.

Finding Time to Work

The first step in managing your time is ferreting out the time to work. This part can be tricky because it requires you to look at your day with a critical and ruthless eye. I recommend you begin by writing down how your days normally look.

Once you’ve done that, you will need to ask yourself a few questions:

As a homeschool mom, I know your days probably are a little crazy. However, evaluating how you spend your time will help you determine when you will have time to work.

Managing Your Time as a Homeschool Mom Who Works from HomeFor some of you, that may be getting up an hour or two earlier each day. Maybe nap times will need to become work time. Are you a night owl? Maybe you need to burn the midnight oil to make time for work. With a little creativity and thought, I guarantee you can find at least one hour each day to work.

Setting and Keeping Work Hours

Once you have established a designated time to work from home it is essential to set and keep work hours. When you are a work-at-home mom, you never leave work. This means that if you are not careful you will feel that you are on the clock non-stop. Being connected to work all the time can make you feel disconnected from family life.

I encourage you to sit down and make a list of hours when you will work. Do the same with the hours you will devote to school. This keeps work, school, and family separate and can keep you from facing burn out as a work at home, homeschool mom.

Having work hours allows you to completely engulf yourself in the life of your family when work hours are complete. Your children will know that they come before that email, before that blog post, and before your job.

One of the biggest benefits of owning your own business is being able to control your schedule; don’t take that benefit for granted!

Making the decision to work at home is a big one, and as a homeschool mom, you already have a lot on your plate. Therefore time management is critical. One way to make sure you are managing your time is to take control of your schedule, your routine, and your time. By doing this, work will not have control over you. Instead you will be able to fully embrace the life you are living with a clear division between work and family.

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