5 Ways BookShark Virtual Makes Roadschooling Easier

Ever since my oldest decided to go back to school, I’ve mourned the days when our schedule was our own and we traveled off-season whenever we wanted. I loved the lack of crowds, the discounted pricing, and how spontaneous we could be. I also loved how we could take our learning with us wherever we went. When we visited family or joined my husband on a work trip, we could maintain a familiar structure to our day. 

BookShark is now making homeschooling on the road a lot easier. BookShark Virtual allows students to tap into their lessons and assignments anywhere with internet access! So whether you’ll be vacationing for a week or traveling for a year, BookShark Virtual makes it easy for students and parents to homeschool. 

If you are considering an RV adventure this year or are already on the road, BookShark Virtual will help you homeschool wherever your travels take you. Here are some of the awesome features you can use the next time you hit the road. 

1. Convenient Canvas Apps

BookShark’s virtual program is hosted through Canvas which features two main mobile apps, allowing parents and students to stay up-to-date with lessons and activities:

  • Teacher app: Parents (or a teacher supervising through a charter school situation) can assign and record grades, track missing assignments, communicate with students, view assignment descriptions, and update due dates. The adult using this app can also see which assignments were submitted and what still needs attention. 

  • Student app: Students can view their grades, post discussions, watch videos, take quizzes, and communicate with their teacher/parent. They can also use embedded links to access their lessons. In addition, they complete Science and Language Arts Activity Sheets directly through the app.  

The calendar feature in the Canvas apps is especially helpful. The assignments show up in list form, showing the day they are due. In addition, everyone can set reminder notifications. 

2. A Digital Instructor’s Guide + More

5 Ways BookShark Virtual Makes Roadschooling Easier

When I travel, I live by the motto “Less is more.” I don’t want our car or camper packed to the gills. I love my big blue Instructor’s Guide binder, but it is not travel-friendly. 

Thankfully, everything you and your student needs is now digital and housed in BookShark Virtual. You’ll find the weekly and daily plans, discussion questions, worksheets, and even assessments—all online. Leave the bulky IG at home and just grab the great books you’ll read.

3. Option to Download

When we travel, wifi is not always an option, so downloading the Activity Sheets is a huge perk. Once downloaded, students can complete the activities digitally as PDFs. Or print them and fill them in on the road, using the app to keep track of the assignments. Assignments can also be uploaded so students have all of their finished work in one place. 

4. You Still Set the Pace

BookShark Virtual lets you set the pace. Weekly lessons are your guide, but it is up to you how fast you work through the curriculum. Your student has access to the virtual curriculum for a year, so there is plenty of time for them to take breaks or spend extra time on a lesson. 

Traveling can also set our pace. If the weather’s bad, our kids might have extra time for schooling. At other times, school work might need to take a backseat to exploring museums, or nature preserves. It’s nice to know your students aren’t going to fall behind. BookShark curriculum is a flexible four-day-a-week program that meshes well with an RV or roadschooling lifestyle

5. You Still Enjoy Great Books

I love that BookShark Virtual still includes physical books. Since most of the books BookShark uses are novels, you won’t be lugging around heavy textbooks. And students spend the majority of their learning time away from screens and with a good book in their hands. 

On the road or not, the new virtual option gives us homeschoolers even more flexibility. Take your lessons to the park, study on a field trip, or head to a local coffee shop. Wherever you go, near or far from home, you can now effortlessly take BookShark with you. 

BookShark Virtual 

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Kelly left teaching middle and high school English to homeschool her children and reclaim how she and her family spent their time. Followers of interest-led learning, her family's days rarely look the same, but they tend to include a lot of books, art supplies, and time outside.

Kelly facilitates local writing circles for women and children and blogs about nurturing the love of learning on her blog, Curiosity Encouraged. She loves to journal, read memoirs, hike, and travel. She seeks quiet mornings and good coffee daily.