50 Ideas for Volunteering as a Homeschool Family

an adult and two young children pick up trash
It’s easy to get wrapped up in the academics of homeschooling. From planning history lessons to grading math tests, educational pursuits can quickly fill up every square inch of brain space. However, in order for our children’s education to be balanced, they need time outside of the home. If they can consider the needs of others in those activities, all the better!

There are so many wonderful hands-on learning experiences available by volunteering together as a homeschool family. With the flexibility of a homeschool schedule, many of these projects can be easily worked into your regular routine. You may even want to set aside your fifth day with no BookShark lessons especially for volunteer projects.

Start by finding your family’s main interest; then seek out service opportunities to complement those strengths. When you get creative together, you can find something you enjoy that will also strengthen the community around you. Here are 50 ideas to get you started:

Crazy About Animals

Food Focus

  • Deliver a warm meal with Meals on Wheels

  • Work at a food bank

  • Serve a meal at a local homeless shelter

  • Partner with a Feed My Starving Children event

  • Create blessing bags to have on hand to give out to homeless

  • Gather and donate food to a local food bank

  • Grow vegetables and share them with those in need

Books on the Brain

50 Ideas for Volunteering as a Homeschool Family • service projects

  • Tutor at a local elementary school

  • Read stories to younger children at a local school/library

  • Volunteer at your local library

  • Donate books to a homeless shelter for children

  • Donate books to the library for their fundraising sales

  • Pack a back pack with school supplies for local schools to give to children in need

Show A Little Love to the Military

Connect With Your Local Community

  • Bring cookies, coffee, or other treats to your local fire or police station

  • Donate stuffed animals to S.A.F.E., a non-profit organization that provides comfort for children experiencing traumatic events

  • Participate as a lawyer or juror in a local Teen Court

  • Volunteer at your local police department

  • Give a helping hand at a community theater with creating sets, ushering guests, or participating in a performance

Environmentally Friendly Volunteering

Volunteering Opportunities for a People Person

  • Serve at a nursing home

  • Entertain elderly with music

  • Volunteer at Ronald McDonald House

  • Join with the Salvation Army in a variety of service projects

  • Volunteer at or join in on a fun run for a favorite charity

  • Volunteer at a local hospital

Find More Opportunities to Volunteer as a Family

No matter where you choose to serve, giving of your time and talents will not distract from your child’s education; rather it will enhance it.

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