Homeschool Learning Spaces: The Reading Nook

Homeschool Learning Spaces: The Reading NookNo matter what style of homeschooling you follow, reading is probably a very strong part of your homeschooling journey because reading is one of the best ways to learn about the world, all from the comfort of your own home.

Unschoolers read. Relaxed homeschoolers read. Charlotte Mason homeschoolers read. Montessori followers read. Classical homeschoolers read.

All homeschoolers read!

Since reading is a natural part of homeschooling, it’s only natural that you want your learning space to include a comfortable reading nook. But what do you do when you don’t have the space or the money to set up the reading nook of your homeschool mom dreams?

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Five Reasons I Said Yes to Homeschooling First Grade

Five Reasons I Said Yes to Homeschooling First GradeOne of the most difficult decisions as a parent is figuring out your child’s education. It’s definitely been the biggest stressor so far for me. Starting when our daughter was young as 18 months, we stressed over whether it was better to have her attend an in-home preschool, a public preschool, or (what we finally decided upon) a Montessori school.

We thought having a great base education for our child before she started elementary school would give her the confidence to enjoy school and be a lifelong learner.

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Homeschool Learning Spaces: Displaying Children's Work

Homeschool Learning Spaces: Displaying Children's WorkNo matter what stage of your homeschool adventure you are in, an area for displaying student work is something your whole family will benefit from in multiple ways: student encouragement, personalized praise, motivation, nurturing a growth mindset, simple and cost-effective decorations.

When you include a space in your classroom for displaying students' work, you are saying to the world, "Look at this wonderful thing my child did! I am so proud." Your child can bask in the unspoken affirmations you are providing when you hang up something they created with their own two hands.

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How to Find Audiobooks for BookShark Curriculum

How to Find Audiobooks for BookShark Curriculum Many BookShark parents love to outsource some of the scheduled reading aloud to audiobooks. This hack gives them a bit more time, saves their voice, and even allows the entire family to enjoy the listening experience together while traveling or doing chores.

Another big use of audiobooks in homeschooling is by children who struggle with reading independently. Whether it’s due to dyslexia or just learning at a slower pace, these students benefit from hearing their Readers delivered in audiobook form.

Due to licensing challenges, BookShark itself does not provide audiobooks alongside its literature-based curriculum. But with a touch of resourcefulness, you can piece together what you need. Here are our recommendations to get you started with your search of audiobooks for BookShark.

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5 Ways to Manage Your Big BookShark Binder without Lugging It Around

The BookShark binder is huge.

It has to be to fit all of the information, lessons, and activity sheets included in the 36 weeks of curriculum. We need the Instructor's Guide that goes in the binder, but thankfully we don’t need to lug it around.

There are several ways we can keep our BookShark materials organized and accessible without wrangling a 4-inch notebook. If you’re like me and prefer to keep the big binder on the shelf, all you have to do is choose one of these five solutions.

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Top 10 Reasons to Love BookShark Reading with History

Top 10 Reasons to Love BookShark Reading with HistoryAs I was writing down my reasons for loving BookShark Reading with History, I kept thinking, “That’s my favorite” and then “No, this is my number one.” And while I wanted to rank them from top to bottom, I just couldn’t narrow down what was my tenth choice versus my number one choice.

I love BookShark for so many reasons!

So these ten features are a mixed list, in no particular order, of why our family of six children loves BookShark.

Number one, I love that BookShark is an open and go program. There is not a lot, if any, prep work that I have to do as the homeschool teacher. We can literally just open it up and start our history. I’m a huge fan of how easy BookShark makes teaching! BookShark is really simple for the first time homeschooler. And of course even experienced homeschoolers appreciate the detailed lessons. Anybody can open it up and easily understand exactly what to do and how to do it. It's amazing.

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Bilingual Homeschooling: How I Got Started

Bilingual Homeschooling: How I Got StartedThe thought of bilingual homeschooling first entered my mind twelve years ago when my daughter was in kindergarten. We started homeschooling because at that time we lived in a failed school district where the state had come in and closed one school then taken over the other.

As I learned more about homeschooling in general, I realized that I could personalize our learning experience as so many families educating their children at home often do. That’s when I realized that I wanted to pass on my own heritage to my children and make it a part of our lessons.

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New NGSS Standards-based BookShark Science: Why the Change?

The new 2021 BookShark Science was designed with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) in mind. But why would a homeschool curriculum care about outside standards at all?

Isn’t the BookShark way of reading great books and doing hands-on exploration enough when it comes to learning science? Yes!

Aren’t homeschoolers allowed to do school their own way, at their own pace, without worrying about adhering to a strict outline of what should be covered year by year? Absolutely!

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Four Reasons to Keep Homeschooling Even After Schools Reopen

Four Reasons to Keep Homeschooling Even After Schools ReopenWhile some of us have known the benefits of learning at home long before Covid19, many people, maybe even you, are unexpectedly homeschooling and unexpectedly loving it. Just the other day, while talking with one of my cousins on Zoom, he told me when I left teaching to homeschool he thought I was crazy. Smiling into the camera, he shook his head and said, “Now I know you were brilliant. This is awesome!”

More and more, I’m hearing friends and family, who once “could never homeschool” or “would never want to homeschool” change their minds. They are experiencing the many gifts homeschooling offers and now considering homeschooling an option.

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Pandemic Problem or Homeschool Problem?

You’ve been forced to do school at home because of the pandemic and it’s been a year full of problems and frustration. Is pandemic schooling an accurate picture of homeschooling? Discover why homeschooling is easier, and more rewarding, than pandemic schooling!

“Wow, this past year has been crazy.” You’ve probably heard that sentiment over and over recently, and we all know it’s an understatement. Crazy, yes—as well as overwhelming, hard, stressful, painful, and unlike anything most of us have ever experienced.

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