• How Visual Cues Help You (Really) Achieve Your Homeschool GoalsNo doubt, habits play an essential role in homeschooling, and there are good and lousy homeschool habits. However, consistency has never been my strong suit.

    Some homeschool moms seem to have endless energy, organization, and efficient time management. For my part, sometimes it's lunchtime before I realize we haven't read aloud and no one has done math.

    So I’m going to try something new to keep moving forward and build good habits. 

    It can be a troubling thought, but all moms know we set the tone for the house. Our habits become our family's habits.

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  • Back to school is here, and with it comes our annual homeschool preparations. As the homeschool mom, you really do set the tone for your homeschool! That's not to say that your kids don't get infected with crankiness or apathy from time to time, but your enthusiasm is contagious. If you are excited to break into that new curriculum package, your children will sense it and likely mirror it. If you approach learning with a curious, light-hearted attitude, they will probably do the same. On the other hand, if you are resentful of the time homeschooling takes or approach it in an overly formal way, your children will model after your darker tone. Here are the three ways that I set the tone positive for a fresh homeschool year.Read More

  • Do These 3 Things Now for a Smoother Homeschool YearIf your family takes a break from homeschooling over the summer, then you probably relish the chance to put all thoughts of school on the shelf and have a more flexible schedule. This is a good thing! It’s beneficial for mom and for the kids to have time to invest in other pursuits. However, there are some truly useful things that you can do now to smooth the way for the new school year. And you don’t have to give up the relaxed feel of summer break! 1. Setting Routines In the summer, I let my little people sleep in later, and they have a lot more free time and flexibility during the day. However, we still keep a few pegs in the routine.Read More

  • If ever there was a time I felt that homeschooling might be just too hard, it was when I was trying to homeschool through pregnancy. I’d done it once before, and while my pregnancies aren’t that bad compared to other women’s, it was still no picnic. It’s easy to feel like the burden of being pregnant is the end of your homeschool.

    I'm not exactly looking forward to homeschooling through pregnancy again. However, I want to offer you hope that it is possible.

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  • Starting homeschool lessons again in the fall can be a little tricky after savoring a relaxing summer with no schoolwork. Over the years, I have found that doing something fun and unique to kick off the homeschool year makes for a smoother transition than abruptly moving from lazy days to a full homeschool routine. Have a “Not” Back to School Party We have an annual “not” back to school picnic with our homeschool group, but you could certainly organize something on a smaller scale with a few families or even with you and your children.Read More

  • “When the well’s dry, we know the worth of water.” —Benjamin Franklin

    If our well is dry, homeschooling (the good and the hard) can feel impossible. Homeschooling doesn’t offer us planning periods or lunch breaks. We don’t get paid time off or teacher work days built into our schedules. Our days are dictated by the things we say yes to.

    Yes to piano lessons and helping each child with their math.

    Yes to read-alouds, meal prep, co-ops, French lessons, and play-group.

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  • For most of us, summer is the time we take a break and plan homeschool for the upcoming year. It can be overwhelming to get get ready for the fall while you also make time for relaxation, but here are a few tips to help.

    Figure out what worked last year

    If you’ve been homeschooling for a while, look at the past year and think about what worked for you and what was a flop. If you are just beginning your homeschool journey, you won’t have a lot to go on, but you can still make observations about what your child likes to do and how they do it.

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  • It’s that time of year again. The library reading programs are coming to an end. Your children’s summer sports tournaments are going on. And the stores have stocked up piles of back to school sales. You have probably spent months researching, purchasing curriculum, and preparing for the upcoming school year. But do you have a plan to make the first day of school memorable for your kids this year? If not, maybe you'd like to try one of these four ways to commemorate and celebrate the first day of your homeschool year. It doesn't take elaborate preparation to make the day special. It merely takes a little thought.Read More

  • Making the decision to homeschool can seem very overwhelming. A million questions are probably running through your mind, such as: What will my family and friends say about our decision to homeschool? How will my children get to socialize? What do my children need to learn? How will I have the time to do it all? Before I started homeschooling my biggest concern was definitely figuring out how to do it all. I felt as though I was already a very busy mom, but I quickly realized that with a little planning and organization, it is very easy to incorporate homeschooling into any lifestyle. Here are a few simple tips to help you manage your time while homeschooling:Read More

  • Choosing to homeschool can feel like choosing to pack up your family and follow the Oregon Trail. You’re pioneering in unfamiliar territory. You know you’re going to run into some challenges and hardships. And people might just think you’re crazy for even trying. Why are homeschoolers the brunt of such harsh judgment? And how can you respond? Responsibility is Scary When we become parents, suddenly we are responsible for the safety, well being, and upbringing of a real, live human being. It can be downright terrifying. In an effort to fight our fears, we search around for anything we can control. We want a surefire method and we want guarantees that it works.Read More

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